Regarding intra day strategy

Can anyone share some intra day strategy which works more than 50%

You may read all the strategy mentioned here.

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Select basket of stocks (preferably from Nifty 200 universe) that closed positive yesterday, initiate buy position the following day morning after 9:25am, and vice versa, keep stop loss placed 0.25% below support 1 and 0.25% above resistance 1 for all long/short trades.

Exit the remaining positions that didn’t trigger stoploss at 3.20PM for gains/losses. It works well.

Happy trading!

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I can share a strategy , but it will cost you 5 Lakhs.

if interested let me know.


Any discount available? early bird offer etc etc ?


A strategy that is based on just money management.

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For you , now its 6 Lakhs.



I have one strategy. But u cannot make big money. This is only for pocket money say 200 rs to 1000. Capital used to rotate is 30 k.

Now choose only a blue chip company and a sector which is in boom currently

Company must be like TCS reliance dependable .buy shares worth if 30000 but CNC order buy.

Place CNC square off sell at reasonable limit price. Exit promptly

Even if ur buy position crashes like it happened in RIL at 1327 ur capital will get Locked but in a blue chip. U will get ur buy price one day or other.


I told him this strategy one month ago I think ,and that time it was risk free as markets were in uptrend

Would like to add one point to your post - Choose a blue chip which sector is in boom and that stock is currently 5-10% down from All time highs.

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You can find many strategies here:

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Yes I need

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