REIT & INVIT- Need to acept as colleterial

@siva @VenuMadhav @Bhuvan REIT and NVIT need to accept as colleterial , can you please push clearing corporation to accept to provide colleterial , its will be useful to diversify to our portfoliio


I too am looking forward to pledging REITs and INVITs for collateral towards option selling.

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Hi @TradeB2B and @bshubhranshu,
Have requested our contacts at the exchanges for the same.


@MohammedFaisal curious if you heard anything from authorities/contacts at the exchanges about REITs and INVITs as collateral. If not, it would be great if you could kindly do a follow-up on the same again?

Yes I too have got some investment in REITs and this will surely help me in crunch time by not liquidating my portfolio.

@MohammedFaisal rechecking on this. If REITs can be pledged, they would become a very attractive asset

We checked with the clearing corporation and they explained that they run a criteria on all listed instruments and REITs/InVITs didn’t fulfill it. Have asked for more details.