Reliance Right Issue

Hello Zerodha and Everybody,
What are the pros and cons of holding equity shares of Reliance vs it’s Future lot during the right issue window. Is it neutral effect?
Further, if the shares are in pledge state, how the right issue subscription will play out.

Hi @siva, can you help in understanding and decide.

I think both should move in the same direction.

Till now we used to subscribe on behalf of clients if the shares are pledged, not sure how this will be working now, broker may unpledge and send back for those who want to go for rights issue, will let you know the details soon.

@siva any update on what will be the procedure for the upcoming rights issue when Reliance shares are pledged? The record date is 14th of May. Thanks

Can check this.

Hi guys, can I apply for rights issue if my RIL shares are pledged with zerodha ?

Anyone is welcome to help
I have paid reliance partly paid first call money via online ASBA bank facility on 28/05/2021, as of now the application status appears as “blocked”. I want to know if the funds are blocked and will the amount be debited on 31/05/2021 (last day). Attached payment SS.

The funds will likely get debited upon allotment of partly-paid shares, which will happen within two weeks from last date of payment. More details on this are available here: First Call on Reliance Partly-paid Shares