Request for a Nudge update

I usually buy options and for some mis and some normal.
In the current order placing box, the selection of mis or nrml is based on previous order.

I sometimes forget to select the type and place the order.

It gets auto squared off at the end of the day. Then I would come to know that I placed mis order and forgot to select normal.

I wish an update in any of the following ways-

  1. Order box should run with normal or cash as default (not based on previous order).
    If this is done, Traders who want to trade mis orders would be prompted for higher margin in case of equity/option selling. And then they will recognise the error and change it- So no issue for them.
    For intraday option buying there will be no issue even if he squares off the NRML order the same day

  2. Other way: A simple notification should be prompted by Zerodha atleast 5 min before the auto square off time. It should specify that an MIS order placed is not yet squared off.

Can this be possible? @nithin

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let me check if we can give an option to set a certain product type as default in settings.

please consider this small update request also.
Siva assured it can be done.

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This will be done, give us sometime.