Requested For An Update In Kite

@nithin Please launch SLB lending and borrowing system in kite and start showing already lended borrowed shares, contract period, quantity in console. THANKS

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On our list of things to do. But will take some time as there are more important thing to do first.

increase watchlist to 10 in kite mobile app.


I am till now waiting for SLB completely online .
Can you disclose How Long Time Is Needed To Provide SLB completely Online ?

Can we add the Last Basket Order sticky icon which is shown in Desktop to the Kite mobile app as well?
Right now to quickly execute a basket order need to go to Tools → Click on particular basket order from a huge list which might lead to loss of valuable time and can also lead to selecting the wrong order from the list.

The sticky icon feature in Kite Desktop is an amazing feature BTW

Dear Nithin,

The latest update has ruined the user experience on kite app. There are issues like blurred charts, long loading times for charts, app goes to white mode after few seconds, so on.

Most of the issues are with charts. And I can no longer believe how this happened to my best market platform app.

There are posts on Google play store (I have android) requesting to revert/fix changes but no feedback from your developers.

Since it’s not a single person issue I don’t want to raise a ticket.

Hope you find this message and take measures in this direction.


Hi @NoPrivacy, could you please DM me your Client ID? Will have someone from our team reach out and have this checked.

With just one update, Kite charts have gone from best to worst…It is very difficult now…Earlier it was best…Now i am scared to use…But i know nobody will listen

Hi @ShubhS9, as I said before this issues doesn’t affect only me. So I see no point in sharing my details. It’s an ubiquitous issue.

Anyways here are issue details if this helps zerodha team.

Issue1: Kite app redraws background in white after context switching, refer pic 1 & 2.
Pic 1: Chart view and the soft navigation buttons from phone are visible.
Pic 2: Put the app to background and switch back to app, the navigation buttons are barely visible because kite app redrawn the background as white.

Issue2: Charts become blurred or losses color.
Pic 1: Chart is clear and with colors.
Pic 2: Increase chart duration to a longer period like 1 year. The chart seems blurred and with no contrast between green and red candles.

In general, both issues seem to be related to some kind of redrawing of background.

FYI, i have latest version of app which got released few days back, I am on Android, none of the above issue happened in version just before the latest version.

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I assume the screenshots related to the second issue were shared first. I got your point. We have written to chartiq to see if we can make it similar to the previous version.

Does this happen only if you do it while the chart is open? I doubt this might be related to the kite app theme. We are unable to see the navigation bar issue from our side. Can you share your mobile model so we can investigate this further?

Issue1, no it happens regardless of whether chart view or app view.

For instance, if I login to the app, it loads default view with proper color of navigation buttons. Now when I minimise the kite app to background and switch back to kite app, the issue is immediately visible.

Phone model: Samsung note 8


This bouncing around should not happen. It is very annoying for the Pinned tickers.


Fyi: MS Edge chromium - Win 11.

got it, This is different from the chart issue. This is a device specific issue. Will check how we can address this.

It seems fine to me on the Windows 11 Edge browser.

  1. Make sure your browser is up to date.
  2. Disable the extension (if any).

If the issue persists, please create a ticket here.

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Issue#2 still not resolved, charts are still pathetic as compared to last good working release.

Addtionaly I am adding few more issues:

Issue#3 - Previously (some long long time back) in order window, we had to swipe to buy or sell. Which actually was a great thought from zerodha in the sense that by mistake your order will not be created.
But now it’s just click/touch to place order. Can you bring back the swipe feature or atleast provide yes/no confirmation window before placing order?

Issue#4 - In order window, used to display the current cash in account. This helped to determine if order being placed fits in cahs limit or not.
Now this feature of cash balance is removed and is inconvenient to rember cash amount before making a order. Pls bring it back.
I’m general, I wonder why zerodha dropping useful features.

Issue#5 - The AMC is getting deducted in one go for 2/3 quarters. Problem with this is that if there is no balance in account, then balance will be negative for long until I notice. I know there comes a mail for AMC deduction but it just says for this quarter so why will I suspect it to try deducting for more than 1 quarter?
Addtionaly due to settlement many a times money gets transferred back to bank a/c without deduction of AMC because your AMC deduction happens on random day.
Kindly improve your AMC settlement cycle and bring a feature for bank mandate for AMC deduction.
Attached pictures for AMC issue (don’t worry I already settled and now it’s positive)

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Chartiq made some adjustments to avoid candle overlap. To address this, we have made some changes. The fix is expected to be released next week.

This option is still available; please disable accessibility mode in settings.

Brokers are required to display charge details on the order window as per regulations. However, due to limited space, available margin information could not be shown and had to be removed. Users can access this information by clicking on the charges panel to view a popup displaying the charges breakdown and available margin data.

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@TheGouda can you check.


I second this.

Accessibility mode OFF: It creates inconvenience as the stock view window shows first half unless I drag it upwards manually. I assume it’s intended that way. Anyways i can live with it, Thanks.

@NoPrivacy @yashrs

  • Due to a few system updates, we had not posted Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) for a few quarters of FY 2022-2023. Once it was updated, we posted AMC for the pending quarters to avoid further delay.
  • Since last posting, the email content includes the time frame for which AMC deducted. Going forward, we’ll collect AMC charges on time.