Review the brokers who provide leverage!

Wisdom Capital
15-25 times
Provides NEST and have unlimited trading plans .
Average customer care but terminal is stable.

Alice Blue
5-10 times
Provides NEST , but the terminal/backend is not stable.
Regularly gave issues.

22-25 times
Provides ODIN. Best terminal when comes to stability , would rate better than NEST as well.
Customer care is also great. Only issue is ODINs Basket Order sucks , quite complex.

Motilal Oswal
5-10 times. Ther are few subbrokers of MO who give 10-20 times as well.
Terminal is sable , but little complex with so many options.

2.5 times
No NEST . No basket orders. Good for beginners.
I used it for 2/3 years but moved out when i got to know about brokers proving higher leverage.

3-4 times
Their terminal these days :grinning:


Are these leverages for option writing? or for normal categories?

Could you please edit/mark which give the max leverage for Option writing?

option writing as well for futures as well …
obviously all r for intraday only

i think alice gives 3x margin for buying as well …
also traders may get different leverage with the same broker … we can compile it

Wisdom Capital / Astha / Motilal Oswal

Which one would you suggest among these three? I have been itching for option writing, not everyday but just on expiry days and strikes only 300-400 points away. Anything around 3-4K on these Thursdays would be welcome. No big targets just KISS… and a moderate 100% SL for rainy days…

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motilal oswal …
in MO we can negotiate the brokerage as well as leverage , if we are trading more and also trading on non-expiry days well …
but we have to live with their terminal though…
once we use NEST its difficult to use other terminals

alice blue has 20rs per order plan … default 5x
if we are ok to pay additional fee on expiry , we can get 10x as well

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Ok thanks, Don’t have any MO branches in my area, had tried contacting their CN. in the website but no response. I think would contact some of their franchise offices in nearby districts and see how it ends…

wait for the lockdown to get over …

if you are from maharashta i can refer you to my MO subbroker ( not getting any referral brokerage :grinning: ) …
you can try with alice blue as well … they regualrly have software issues though but still better than upstox

Not in your city. :pensive:

Let me first get in touch with the branches closest to me, if it doesn’t go through right then would definitely contact you for your MO’s sub-broker. BTW which sub-broker are you using?

Wht is the brokerage and selling margin under SO

@velu How is Samco? Sharekhan?

Are brokerages still offering higher leverages? I thought SEBI disallowed higher intraday leverages.

If its intraday are u mainly into shorting strangles/ straddle

You missed on the “Daddy”!!!

ICICIDirect - 100x leverage in FnO.


Guys what about SEBI upfront margin rule? will they implement it on this 30th meeting?

Can’t say🤞
Till then every broker is providing good leverage , dont know whats wrong with Z


Z is not giving good leverage and platform issues,glitches come on & off anytime, that I have always a second though going into a trade.

What if you can’t cancel or exit the order
What if today is the day, you feel helpless, unable to contact your broker, see your capital get absorbed in red .

Call me paranoiac, but these so call glitches in zerodha are most frequent with no warning, that it added me an extra fear.

Market is already difficult, but this makes it more extreme difficult pro level.

Like if you agree.


On leverage bit I may agree but on what regular issues? yes two times we faced issue for sometime in last 2 months but one may want to know how other brokers are doing in last 2 months, everyday one or more other so called big brokers are off, can’t able to login or place order, even worse with other discount brokers. I can say we are more stable than many in last two months. No need to take my word for this, you can check other broker twitter handles both national and international.
Said that we are not comparing with others or not saying it is okay to go down once in a while, just want everyone to see big picture.


I agree with you that Zerodha is stable but it lags in order execution in market opening and closing time when there is more movement in prices which results in slippage and secondary blocking banknifty contracts ,may be enable for those who want to hedge their positions and ban for naked buying ,this may not result in increase in much open interest as only few traders who have adequate margin would buy otm options. Another issue is not allowing to place limit orders in not liquid options and since most of stock options are not liquid strategies like covered call for longer time period are difficult to execute.
Maybe enable secondary membership for large account traders.

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Glad to read. But you know @siva, when money is on the line fear become more pronounce. That maybe what I had in my mind when I wrote, as I was stuck in horrendous situation before.

Yes, outages/glitches in volatile conditions though not acceptable are considerable. But there had been glitches during normal times. Like having caught a storm in a sunny day. Quite unexpected with a rather hefty position. Horrendous experience.

But all is good, since you acknowledge and assured that everything is more stable. Well, thank you for that.

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I though it was only me or my connectivity. I trade the open, and well execution (market order) takes time to reflect, the last few days.

At open few lakhs of orders will be sent so yes for few seconds it may take, you have seen the current volatility in markets, trying to find a solution for this. At closing time it should be instant, we solved this.

This issue exaggerated because of new SEBI guidelines on limits on FPIS on adding fno contracts, this has halved market OI and hence broker limits, hopefully by this 24th it will come to end and hope SEBI won’t extend this. Apart from that we are trying another solution which will be in place in a week or two.

We will never block on liquid option, only illiquid.

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