Revision in lot size of NIFTY, FINNIFTY and MIDCPNIFTY

NSE has announced the revision in the lot size of Nifty, FInnifty and Midcpnifty as a part of its periodic review. This circular shall come into effect from April 26, 2024

Old and revised Lot sizes of the Index derivatives

Underlying Index Symbol Present Market Lot Revised Market lot First monthly expiry with revised expiry date First weekly expiry with revised lot size
Nifty 50 NIFTY 50 25 May 2024 (contracts expiring on May 30, 2024) May 2, 2024
Nifty Financial Services FINNIFTY 40 25 July 2024 (contracts expiring on July 30, 2024) August 6, 2024
Nifty Midcap Select MIDCPNIFTY 75 50 July 2024 (contracts expiring on July 29, 2024) August 5, 2024

Bank Nifty’s lot size remains unchanged

Underlying Index Symbol Present Market Lot
Nifty Bank BANK NIFTY 15

You can check the announcement from the exchange here:

Why do exchanges revise the lot size?

SEBI mandates that the contract value of all F&O contracts remain between 5 to 10 Lakhs. In the periodic review (every 6 months), if the contract value of the scrip is beyond this range, there is an upward or downward revision in lot size.


What is the order limit for Nifty? Currently it is 1,800

additional work in reprogramming the algos guys…

There is no change.

2 NIFTY 1800
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sir I know one day lot size will go to 1 lot = 1 quantity

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Will the margin/lot for sellers remain unchanged?

This could expose a lot of fake MTM screenshots

What if one have the 2 NIFTY lots of May month contract will the lot size changes to 4? @Meher_Smaran

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Yes. Once changes come into effect, 2 lots of 50 quantities each will change to 4 lots of 25 quantities each.

Surely it will also get reduced. From 1.5lakh odd for 1 lot to 75k.

from 75 to 50 and now 25, nifty lot size reduced so much. is it an uncertainty or? reducing lot sizes also reduces the required capital for option selling, by this retailer can participate in option selling, which is good but, after witnessing Sensex, bankex and midcap options premium pluming. like rocket :rocket: in expiries it scares me more and with a daily expiry makes retailers tempt to do option selling every day, if they can’t manage it properly it erodes all their yearly profits in a snap. so please be careful option sellers please dont do option selling in sensex, bankex, midcap,niftyfin. money control

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What happens to the margin requirement? Are they reducing the required margin per lot since the new lot size is 25?

If it is 1.25L for 1 Lot of NIFTY (50 qty) would it be 62.5k for 1 lot of NIFTY (25 qty)? Not exact numbers, just estimates.

Of course, margin requirements will also be reduced according to changes in lot sizes.