Running Kite Web as Desktop App with Tabbed Interface.

Hey all, I’m new to both Zerodha and TradingQ&A, so pardon for any mistakes :smiley:

Title says the purpose of this thread. Many people including myself like to enjoy a native desktop experience for a trading platform. However, Zerodha no longer supporting/developing native apps for desktop.

I’ve seen this thread, and it seemed to be nearest way to achieve the desktop like experience. But issue is whenever we try to pop up the charts, it will open in a new window, which may not sound as a good user experience for some people.

So, just wanted to share that latest version of Google Chrome and new Microsoft Edge supports the tabbed interface for the Web apps. Instructions are same for both the browsers. Follow below steps:

• Make sure that you’re on latest version of Chrome. (You can go to 3-dot Menu > Help > About Google Chrome to manually update it.)

• Go to chrome://flags or edge://flags in case of Microsoft Edge & type pwa in the search bar as show below.

• Change the Desktop PWA tab strips to Enabled just as I marked in the image below.

• Now close and relaunch the browser.

• Visit the Kite website, now go to 3-dot Menu > More tools > Create shortcut…

• Now you can see a new option that says Open as tabbed window, select it and click on Create.

• Chrome will create the shortcut on the Desktop, double-click on it to launch your Kite Web app.

Now we have the tabbed interface and even the charts are popping out in a new tab :smiley: During my testing, I’ve seen slight graphic glitches like Tab title overlapping issue at login window. But once you login into the Dashboard, everything works fine without any issues!


Nice set of instructions. Thanks for sharing. But I’m sure there is an app out there that will do the same thing. I know for sure, Mac’s have - Unite

But Chrome is really a memory hog.

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Didn’t know about Unite, it looks so cool. I guess Electron is nearest solution for cross-platform capability. I use Edge now, it doesn’t feel as much memory hog as Chrome, and it feels much faster.

Fantastic - but its not working on Edge for me.

As soon as I touch to rearrange the tabs or move it the external screen - it hangs (Edge). Not so with Chrome.

Is it working on Edge for you?

Yeah, it’s working fine for me on Edge too, it is my default browser. Make sure you’re on latest version.

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Are you able to move the tabs around?

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