Turn Kite web into a desktop app

Some traders prefer keeping Kite open on a separate browser session. Also, if you have a multi-screen setup, you might want to simply click on an app icon and open up Kite in your browser. Here is how you can use Kite as a desktop app:

Create a shortcut on your web browser.

You can then name the shortcut. If you don’t select open as a window option, the shortcut will open as a new tab in your existing browser session.


This is how the Kite app will appear on your desktop.


And this is what the Kite app session will look like.

P.S. Pop-out charts will open as a tab in the existing browser session or in a new window if you don’t have an existing browser window open.


Thanks @mohitmehra

Does work once we pop charts out which happens a lot (@nithin mentioned it, @asharamseervi fixed it)

Is it possible for your team to do so too? That would be awesome

Hi Bala, the fix specifically for pop-out charts would be for us to create a new instance of the Kite app which might not require a lot of tech legwork. However, every time a new instance of an app is developed a series of security and system audits have to be performed by the exchange & third party agencies. This exercise can take multiple months to complete if everything is in order.

Our focus at the moment is adding more range of products to the existing Kite.

@BALA Is your requirement to achieve something like this -

wow @Prayag

and thanks …and yes.

Please share

thanks @mohitmehra for explaining it. Appreciate it .

This is not something that can be done directly

The most I could achieve directly is opening the popup chart in a new Chrome window (aka it won’t open as a new tab in an already open Chrome instance). For that, you will have to press SHIFT on your keyboard and then click the popup chart’s icon, check this -

For achieving what I showed in the screenshot in the previous post, there is an added step of clicking an icon in Chrome’s address bar and then selecting the App (this would be the name with which you saved the shortcut) and then pressing Open, check this -

It would have been best if the popup chart would have directly opened in the pseudo desktop app created using the Chrome shortcut.

From the limited research I did, it might be possible (using something like protocol handlers in Chrome (set at the user’s end) but I couldn’t make it work for this shortcut (pseudo) app). Maybe someone more knowledgable than me would know (In case, someone is interested, this might be helpful starting point https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62926156/chrome-84-a-website-wants-to-open-this-application-handlers).

can we open multiple snap quotes like this- i mean pop up windows in kite? as per my knowledge we can’t

If by pop up windows you mean pop up charts as in the above posts, I think that is possible to do normally as well. It can be done via the shortcut as well (but will require 2 steps as I explained in the previous post)

Screenshots -

hey ,
i mean pop-up of Market Depth window, is that possible?

I don’t think Zerodha gives any option for popping out the Market Depth in a separate window. We can open multiple shortcut windows and stack them in a way that more than one market depth is visible on the screen at a time but it will be a bit messy and cluttered

yup its little messy
I hope @siva we can get such option to pop-out market depth window also like charts.

When you pop-out a chart, Market Depth is shown on left side for that particular scrip.

as I using nt8 for charting I just need market depth pop-up. I am using Pi for that only.

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Not possible for now.

I too have similar requirements. Actually my wishlist is bigger. Few things I could change/work-around… and I did that. You can have a look here I have written many Tampermonkey based browsers scripts in the past to work efficiently with Zerodha Kite. I am sharing some of them with the community today, hoping they help others too

The web is malleable. It is possible to create some fix for your mkt-depth req in kite. You can open a popup chart window but hide the chart and just show mkt-depth from a user script or a browser extention. But the best solution will be if Zerodha gives a good desktop app.

It is frustrating to see no broker is giving a good desktop app for “trading”. :frowning:


@Prayag Nice to see your screenshot. Glad that at least somebody is using my script. :slight_smile:

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PWA has his own limitations. You can only open single tab in single window.

You have to open different window for each tab in PWA.

ya but we cant hide chart in this.

Just putting this out there. Whenever Zerodha does decide to make a full-fledged desktop app in the future, do have a look at the desktop software of a foreign broker called Webull. Found it to be the right mix of aesthetics and functionalities. Even with very high information density, it doesn’t overwhelm (maybe due to its color scheme)