Safest option strategy

Suppose I have 10 lakh capital , If want to earn 2000 per day with max risk of 2000 per day. Which will be the best strategy ?

For example selling 1220 CE and buying 1200 PE. This protects me from big gaps overnight.

So what do you feel safest strategy for small income ?


Straddle (Buying/Selling Call and Put options of same strike) is safe bet IMO, all you need is one big move in either direction.

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I want to make money in time decay , not volatility… because 8 out of 10 times , there is no big move , maybe i can try these with next day result stocks.

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This word SAFE is not in the market ,
if you are buyer most of the time you will loose money ,
if you are a seller most of the time you make money ,

better Sell and buy


see my post in trading QNA - guys post daily profit .
you will become some good idea

I am seller , but how come its not safe , if i cover my CE sell with CE buy ? I am defining my max loss with the premium difference right ?

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i did in understand , if cover CE sell with PE buy

CE sell with CE buy this will work

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yea yea extremely sorry , my bad, example : 1200 CE sell and 1220 CE buy…

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Yeah straddle will be good choice when there’s some news expected in stock. Also you’re right with weekly expiry chances of price decay are more than wild move.

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if you r selling CE 1200 and buy 1400 this will make decent profit , if you r selling and buying very close the profit potential will be less of blocked margin , its all about adjustment

see here people r posting there profit and sharing some strategy

1400 ? or 1240 ?

see i given example like one strike above you can cover, its will make decent profit , because most of the time market will not move

abc stock -1200 sell
1400 buy

Ok lets have this scenario , I am daily getting 1 or two points … and one day if price gaps up and reach 1300 and expires in it , I will have loss of 100 points , since I sold 1200 and 1400 will expire worthless …

Bro, it’ll better if you first do paper trading rather than diving directly in market. This way you will also be able to test different strategies.

Also, regarding Options trading. I found this article helpful to come up with strtegy. Do give it a read

I am into market for few years , just want to get more knowledge…what others are feeling.

Play with far otm iron condor

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sell nifty weekly CE/PE which are in range of 5 to 6 rs based on pivot points, exit it pivot get crossed

on friday ?

every day, ensure not to sell CE if its shortcovering rally and not to sell PE if market in below support

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