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Hi @rahulsingh

It is already there


Hello @Shivam_Gupta


How to activate or deactivate Sensibull ? it is getting login directly through my Zerodha account.
So if I dont want to use this anymore then how to deactivate its subscription?


I don’t think you have subscribed. In which case you are on free by default. To subscribe you have to do double confirmation, and it is unlikely you did it by accident.

In any case please send me a mail with your Kite ID - feedback at sensibull dot com and I will confirm


When we can expect mobile app of sensible


Hello Devendra,
We are estimating the timelines. We will announce the expected time shortly.


How much time it will take for fii historical data?


Hey @rahulsingh

This is an absolute bummer for us. The developer who was working on it had an accident on Monday, and he is recuperating back home. We will release this hopefully next week. Sorry about this. This should have happened today


@Sensibull looks like Builder section has completely gone to Pro subscription. Will it be possible to make basic builder version available in Lite version?


Yup. We are working on a Lite builder for the Lite version. Say spreads only or two legs only or something like that

And sorry about the delay in invoice. Some unforeseen stuff happened, and it spilled over.


It will be good to give real time data for Pro vs EOD data to Lite version. Just My 2 cents.


We have promised real time for both @PS7, can’t go back now.
I wish we had met you earlier :wink:


@Sensibull I am a Lite subscriber, but if I login using Firefox, I get Builder. If I login using CHrome, I am asked to Pay for Pro version. Can you fix that? Ideally, I should not get access on Firefox too.


Thanks a bunch PS7. Please take the medal.

Please write to us with your Kite ID, we are upgrading you to pro as a token of gratitude :slight_smile:


We just launched My Strategies

With this, you can group your strategies together, name them, add multiple legs to the group, keep track of pair trades, do scenario analysis of your trades, add more legs to your trades to do adjustements (phew) and much more


@Sensibull in Strategies, can we get an option to sort by Maximum Loss too or Risk Reward Ratio? @Sensibull


Hey, is this happening? I have sent you my Kite ID by message.


Of course it is. Please give me time till tonight. Doing some major upgrades in the payments/ access control logic


Thanks @Sensibull.


8 Stocks added in Single Stocks Strategies!