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Here is a new feature:
A lot of our users asked us for a way to club their positions and strategies and track the P&L and Greeks. So here goes.

Here is a video where we showcase how you can easily track the P&L and Greeks of common strategies such as pair trades, spreads, condors, etc across multiple underlying stocks.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions


Sensibull does’nt have updated options price data, even if the options price is changing every few seconds sensibull shows us the same old data that was 10 minutes ago, in a market like this it is extremely dangerous and misleading. This is the free beta version but if we will pay for this in the future then we are definitely not gonna compromise on such a critical information that we absolutely need. @Sensibull


Thanks for the feedback, @Aditya_Bhat

I am pretty sure it is not ten minutes, unless we hit a bug. Here are the actual delays of prices on Sensibull.

  1. For NIFTY, BANK Nifty the maximum price delay you can encounter is 15 seconds on a refresh. That is if you reload, you will never find a price more than 15 seconds old. The same holds for a select 10 stocks which are the most traded
  2. For other stocks you will never find a price older than 90 seconds on a refresh.

Could you tell me where you found the ten minute delay please? We will look into that. And yes, this becomes a problem if you have huge Gamma (ATM strike) options on the expiry day or max may be 1 day before.

PS: You do not have to compromise on anything, we will have real time prices, as real as Kite before July 15th


Myy god where is the refresh button :smile: , And I’m sorry i forgot about the thing of the futures price being used in the sensibull and even though i thought about the gamma risk i… anyways thanks


But when you want to execute a order in less than fifteen seconds you need your current price to set in the limit order, but in 90 seconds you can you get a large delay in the actual price and the sensibull price. Can you improve on the lag in the paid version?
And when i execute a market order will i get the current market price or the sensibull price?


Hey @Aditya_Bhat will add that :slight_smile:
Thanks for the catch. Browser refresh reloads the whole page and it is definitely better to have a refresh button

  1. Before July 15th we will have real time prices. So there will not be any lag
  2. Even in the current scheme of things you can see real time prices at the Kite publisher window where we redirect to just before you hit the actual trade.

If the price on Sensibull is significantly different, you can modify on this window as shown

  1. You will get the the market price, whatever prevails in the market

Thanks again for the question and the catch!


Always here for the feedback :smile:


Highly appreciate!


Can we get anyway of knowing the spread on options, because with a naked price you don’t really get the sense of the liquidity in the strike price and without open interest also it is hard. We are left with no option but to switch between nse and sensibull’s option chain. We already have many tabs open at once. If you can provide some hack for this, then it’ll make our lives much easier!


We will show the bid offer spread in the main /options page prices. As for bid offer in the IV chain, you are killing me man :smiley:

Half the people I know hate NSE option chain because of information overload, I thought the best thing to take out was bid offer. This is because:

  1. 85% of the trades happen in NIFTY Bank NIFTY
  2. The OTM options there are liquid with less than 50 ps bid offer
  3. ITM options are to be stayed away from at least for beginners with execution capabililties
  4. Single stock options need bid offer, but again, the most traded single stock options so liquid you dont have any advantage of seeing a bid offer, and the illiquid ones are traded by a minority

So let us give you bid offer in the trade screen, and the /options screen, but not in the IV chain. Mobile screens will curse me if I do :smiley:


Sounds fair :slight_smile:


can’t see tata steel’s option chain



Oh man you caught it :slight_smile:

This had something to do with that 1061 lot size episode and it started misbehaving. So we omitted it :slight_smile:

Will fix this soon.


@Sensibull Any option to get overall NIFTY Heatmap and sectoral/Index Advance-Decline screeners? Also Put/Call Chains and OI data in histograms? It helps to have a directional trades. These will be a good to have features to decide which options to trade and currently I am using another tool ‘’ for this data. If Sensibull is going to be primary tool for Options trading, it makes sense to have all these details at one place so we don’t have to juggle between various tabs.

PS: Pardon my ignorance, if this is already available somewhere, still new to Trading.


Oi histograms are out this week
Heatmap is a great idea. Don’t know how I missed it
We will introduce screeners, primary based on IV. What other screeners will you like?

Thank you so much for the input. If you have any more suggestions please feel free to mail me on abid at sensibull as well


Need multi leg option strategy in NIFTY & Bank nifty …

Please do the needful.


Thanks for the input. That’s going live in less than 5 days


Please don’t charge high rates. This is very useful and more people will be willing to pay for it.


Thanks for the comment Krish. We will keep this in mind