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Hey @Nandha207 this is live now.

At between you get straddles and strangles


Hey @Subhadip

This is live now



just checked out sensibull, looks cool but all the strategies are predefined. Showing a chart of profit/loss with either side movement of the underlying would be great and excellent feature.

And any way could you add some option, so that the user could check out his own strategies in the options.


Hi @Gautam

  1. The next set of features we are picking up, literally, starting tomorrow is:
  • Custom Strategy Builder with pay off diagrams and analysis for either side move, days, and IV

  • Analysis page for positions and pre-defined strategies with pay-off diagrams and analysis for either side move, days, and IV

Talk about timing!

  1. This feature request was asked by many people yesterday, and we understand the value this provides. (Talk about timing minus 1? :slight_smile: ) - We will add that.

So let us say a week, worst 2? We will give you:

  • beautiful pay off diagrams,

  • scenario analysis

  • custom strategy builder

The other feature of adding your own positions is in the queue. Don’t want to commit an unthought out date

Thanks for the feature request!

PS: Have not forgotten your currency request. Have traded currencies more than equities all my life, and sentimental about it. Will be done :slight_smile:


Thanks! Feature updates would be welcome. Just keep up the good work.:wink:



Firstly, thanks for creating such a wonderful platform. I have been a fundamental investor all these days. Looking to get into trading especially Options. Zerodha University is helping me gain the required knowledge. Once I gain enough knowledge I am planning to do some paper trading. If you could bring paper trading feature, it will help lots of aspiring traders. Good luck to you!

One more question, are you planning to integrate Sensibull with Pi as well or its just going to be browser based standalone app?



Thanks for the kind words. And the wishes.

Please be very careful with options. Trade small with small money even after you have learned about it.

We will start paper trading feature soon!

Did not think about Pi integration. Let me think through this one.


Please check the image enclosed the prices of option is not getting updated quickly in option analyzer. Kindly fix the problem.


Hello, sorry about this. The price updates had failed between 915 and 940. Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We have fixed this


Adding sensitivities to the option chain would be helpful feature… any thoughts ?



We just pushed an improved option chain with put-call ratio, max pain, etc.


Hi @abid @Sensibull
The maximum I can loose on my BPCL option is Rs 2160/- (1800 * 1.2), then theta should only tell this amount but it says I will loos around Rs 2900/-. Please check the screenshots.

Please fix it.


Hello @hotpot64,

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

This is theoretically correct. But creates a problem for the user because that Theta value is meaningless. Someone else had pointed this before and we are working on the fix.

Here is what is happening Theoretically.

Options have a theta larger than their value, close to expiry. This is more pronounced in OTM options. That is because the instantaneous Theta value keeps changing. In other words, Theta decay itself decays with time close to expiry. So after a while this Theta decay will come down, and add up in line with your option price. But that said, the theory is useless, and we should show you the time value decay between today and tomorrow, and not the instantaneous one.

In the screenshot below, you can see that Theta decay rate keeps changing. For example if right now you Theta rate is let’s say X, the Theta decay rate will be lower than X after some time. This is counterintuitive but true

You can see here that the Theta value is more than the option price with 1.8, 1,6, 1.4, 1.2 etc

You can verify the same with the online calculator here on which is a very popular internet resource.

Bottom line - We are changing Theoretical Theta to a better modified Theta


@Sensibull This new Visual Data Metrics on you platform makes the whole process of data analysis easier for the end user.

Makes it pleasant for the eyes and helps to quickly locate the data points that are relevant.

Now I want to use your Sensibull platform everyday. Thank You.


Hey thank you so much @portfolioplus911!

That comment made our day! :slight_smile:


Also, could we please put this post on Twitter as a screenshot?




Thanks so much!


Hello Sensibull Team,

In results of Option Strategies
please show column of Max loss so that user can
sort this column to find the low risk strategies.

Thanks and Regards,
Hardik Jain