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We will put max loss in the columns. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hindi Demo Video


@Sensibull could you check in on the autorefresh of the option chain because when it auto refreshes the prices do get updated but it brings me back to the prices column when i am viewing the greeks.


Hey that’s a bug. Will fix. Thanks for bringing this to our notice @Aditya_Bhat




Are there additional costs for a ZERODHA customer to use SENSIBULL? If yes, What are they?



Hello ,
We are planning to charge a flat monthly subscription fee. We have not decided on that number yet. The general drift is we will charge less than the STT on a single ITM NIFTY option a month :slight_smile:

Our philosophy is, if you are profitable on even a single option, pay us less than what you pay the government as STT. This started as a saying, but we are realising this is a lower number compared to almost every other platform out there, which are not tradeable, and do not have real time data. Is that fair? What do you think?

And we will not charge you till we build at least 50% of our features. That date is slated on August 1. If our releases get delayed, we will extend the free trial.

If you have any comments, feedback, or feature requests, feel free to post it here, or mail me on



Thank you for the clarifications. your pricing plan is very fair.

Also the platform is already awesome , looking forward to the additional features. Could you update the SENSIBULL intro video, it isn’t covering the option chain feature and how it can be used.

Very impressed with SENSIBULL. :+1:


Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement!
We have not made that video yet. Was waiting for IVP to come out. I’ll post it before tomorrow EOD


Sensibull is doing the great job but my concern is with Zerodha . In banknifty zerodha provides range trading and with this kind of limit one cannot full use the sensibull or create their strategies. Ultimately we have the limited excess to strikes. Sensibull add some more discount brokers please.



Thank you. Zerodha is trying to solve this problem at their end because it hurts business. There are concrete steps under way, which I am not sure is public info :slight_smile:

You will soon hear from Zerodha on the solution to this. I hope that comes out soon. Sooner than us getting the next broker :slight_smile:

Meanwhile if there is anything we can do to help - feedback, feature requests, changes, please feel free to mail us!

Thanks again



Here is the video. A little late, tight weekend :frowning:

Hope it helps


@Sensibull hey, in the beginning when the option chain came out, we could see the atm strike highlighted but now i don’t see it. Can you check if it is a problem from my end or what’s going on…


In NIFTY, the odd 50s strikes are hidden by default because of liquidity issues. So when the ATM moves to an odd 50, you wont see an ATM. You can select the show all strikes toggle to see the ATM. We are working on getting rid of this little quirk


Hey @SureshG

I think you are on the wrong page. We are Sensibull - The Options Trading Platform. I think you are looking for Streak.

You can post your query here please.


my apologies…you guys have coin senisbull, streak…small case…sentinel…Sorry for the bheja fry moment…!:grin:


Ha, no worries :slight_smile:

All on the same team. Happy to help!


Thank you @Sensibull



OI is not updated through out the day, can you please look in to it?


@Sensibull for got to tag you.
Option Chain OI does not change through out the day, when price and other greeks changes. can you please update the OI as well along with the price ?