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Hey Sorry about the late reply. Was out of office.

We are bringing you live OI this week. There were some data issues we had to sort last week. That’s fixed now


Our first open-to-all feature. Single stocks events calendar. Just out!


@Sensibull Watchlist’s could be helpful. Clicking on the stock or Index in watchlist should open the Option Chain of the same in a separate tab. Adding a contract from Option Chain to watchlist also would be helpful.

How about price alerts for contracts in watchlist?


You will see all of this in a week or two. The watchlist may be way sooner


Awesome tool. Can we see standard deviation of strike price given expiry and iv. Many traders short option using SD. So if we know SD of certain strike, we know probability of hitting it, and select it properly.


Hey @prafulls


As for standard deviation, this is what we are thinking

There are some philosophical calls we take in Sensibull. One of them is the prevention of info overload. The other is that we do not show measures, which can give a false sense of surety.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” - Mark Twain

SD and POP are things which give traders a false sense of support and resistance, especially in single stocks.

Also, people should trade breakouts whenever there is one, and SD incentivizes people to bet against those.

Because of these reasons, we took a call to not give it, simply because new people will lose their money.

Case in point - Someone tweeted yesterday:



Hi Team

Can you please add basket order feature in Sensibull platform.



Hello, we will expose a custom builder soon. That will solve this problem. Give us a maximum of two weeks please? We will keep you posted. If you have any more feedback feature requests or queries please feel free to mail us on


New Feature. This is a single spot where you can screen all your Option Trades. Please let us know feedback and feature requests


Hi Abid,

Few more feature requests:

  • Market depth around each strike price as LTP may not be valid when you want to place a trade.
  • Showing Intrinsic Value against each ITM strike, so we know the Time value we are risking, this will help in quick transaction.

Also have you guys finalized on pricing? Hope you guys offer some starter pack with say 50 trades per month or so, so newbies like me can take a shot at these tools.


btw forgot to compliment you guys, Sensibull is lot better now than earlier version and do deserve serious consideration.


Thanks @PS7 :slight_smile:
We will make it even better

As for pricing, here is our pricing for Sensibull’s non pro version (almost all the features are in the non pro)

Monthly flat free Less than the STT on a single NIFTY Option = That comes to 1050 or something. We will make that 950, inclusive of taxes.

The logic is if someone is making a profit with our help from at least one lot a month, that is the minimum profit possible, he can pay us what he pays the government, who never helps anyone anyway.

And if he is not making at least that profit, he should not be trading :slight_smile:

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Answers Inline


Hi @Sensibull,
Request you to please freeze the headers in option chain screen.That will make the navigation seamless for users, so that we dont scroll up and down to see the headers


Adding this to to do. Will get it done ASAP. Thanks for this. Like you said, it will make the experience so much better!



Also it will be good to have Time Value in Option Chain versus Intrinsic Value, although it can be easily inferred, it will be more educative and also come handy during volatile sessions.


Hi Abid, thanks for clarifying on pricing part. 950/- per month looks OK to me and logic of less than STT of 1 ITM Nifty Contract fits well.

I would suggest you also study trading data about Zerodha subscribers and their profit/success rate (if available) and design pricing plan accordingly. It is a well know fact that most of retail traders lose money, so whether they will be comfortable paying 11,400/- per year is what you need to look at. Your initial customer base might be from Zerodha’s successful traders and aim should be to convert others to successful traders using Sensibull. Also main objective should be to build stickiness around product at this stage and to ensure that users don’t unsubscribe after few months. If people, who are not pro at Options trading, lose money for whatsoever reason, they may not want to pay additional. So I would suggest to analyze users trading pattern and success rate and then finalize on pricing.



Okay, noted. We’ll make sure that the price does not prevent anyone from joining Sensibull. We are also planning to do some work around cutting losses and making people profitable overall. Now that is the long-term vision.

Also we give a 30% off if someone pays yearly. How about that? That is the cost of two failed Tinder dates. Utna to? :wink:


Thanks, I hope it will be good starting point for many new users.


One more doubt.Is the profit percent shown in strategies screen inclusive of all applicable charges say STT,Brokerage,stamp duty etc.If this is included may be it ll give a more realistic picture of profit percentage…