Sensibull - The Options Trading Platform


We include STT. The others, everything put together on an option trade is just 100 Rupees. (40 Rs charges plus Stamp + SEBI etc)

So we thought we will let that go. Or should we not?


I would prefer to include that too if that doesnt take much effort to make it!!


It’s trivial. We will do that. :slight_smile:


Multiple membership - is that the solution?
Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon anyhow… :slight_smile:


A series of steps. Zerodha will announce soon


Would a paper trading platform inside sensibull be possible,so that we can mock test the strategies shown in the platform?


Hey @sudheer_kumar,

That should be live before the end of August



My doubts keep on coming.Pardon me :slight_smile:

I see the strikes having 50 point distance like 11050 and 11150 being listed in the strategies section.Are these strikes liquid enough to trade them?


hii @ Abid… firstly want to thank for developing sensibull for zerodha clients. i usually trade options and due to lack of greeks and others in zerodha I opened an accounts at upstox, to my surprise they are offering greeks,IV,pay-off diagram, strategy builder,option chains,etc that are needed for a basic option trader freely to upstox clients. after the launch of sensibull I was happy to see all those features in my all time favourite broker ZERODHA, but it seems that they are charging a price of 950/- for all those. so my request to sensibull that basics of options be provided free to zerodha clients. pro features worth charge.


Hey @sudheer_kumar
I should say thanks for asking the doubt. It lets us know the potential questions our users will have and understand our users.

To answer your question, they are kind of liquid for low quantity, but not liquid if you want to hit many lots.


Hey @DA6704

Thanks for the post

  1. Sensibull is not just an Options Trading Platform. Though we go by that line for the marketability, we started this Platform to “Stop Retail trading Losses”
  2. This means that the analytics and tools are only a small part of the problem. The bigger part is 1) Making sure that you preserve capital by not getting into bad trades 2) You do not make any silly mistakes such as trading at off prices, high vols etc 3) Making sure you get to screen the best opportunities based on multiple factors - kind of like waiting for a pocket jacks or above in Poker and 4) Making sure that you are trading your plan with discipline which is the most important bit
  3. While we have started, for now, with tools for Options predominantly, you will soon see us taking a direction with direct P&L impact

I believe these features will make us worth your money. The cost of a wrong trade a month is severely more than the 950 we proposed initially. I mean, it’s less than the GST you pay in case you exercise a Nifty option to the government. And those guys help us with nothing!

But let me throw this in to make the deal sweeter.

  1. We will give the basic Option Chain (let me figure out the definition of basic) for free
  2. You can pay a 6 month subscription for cheaper
  3. And we can give you an early bird offer in the coming days.

We are a separate start-up, and we charge to keep us going. Sorry about that, but I guess we all need to pay our bills :slight_smile:

And finally, we will give you a better customer experience and support than anyone else out there. Would that work?



please elaborate this points and how to get that from snsibull.

  1. Making sure that you preserve capital by not getting into bad trades 2) You do not make any silly mistakes such as trading at off prices, high vols etc …

  1. There are some obvious trades you should never get into. This has to do with market and not your portfolio. We have a body of knowledge there. We are implementing this as we speak. You should see this feature around the time we charge, which is sep 1. Typical examples: buying insane ivs near weekends, event gambling, etc etc
  2. There are some obvious situations you should stay away from. This is a function of your portfolio. Like bet sizing, managing drawdown, etc
  3. There are some bad trades which are just bad. Like going into the STT trap or vwap, buying illiquid options with unlikely exit, or paying huge bid offer
    And many more.

All of this is under construction, and we want these to go live around the time we charge plus or minus some time for delays etc.

We will keep you posted, and launch them. No fun in listening to the story without even a trailer when the movie is about to be launched.

I’d say we are free till Sep1, so please feel free to explore any feature you like meanwhile. And if you think it’s worth it, take a call after the first of sep.



Few more feature requests:

  1. In Options Central, only 2 Expiries are available. Is that intentional?
  2. In Options Central, can you also provide Drop down for only Index Stocks like NIFTY, BANKNIFTY?
  3. Is it possible to give Custom Watch-list Option? Better is to allow us to Mark Star to stocks and then provide drop down list for selecting all Stocks with Our Star Marking. This will allow us to track select stocks.


Yes. Third month is kind of dead. And people might commit mistakes looking at that. The baby proofing

Already working on it. You’ll see it soon

Again, already working on custom watches



Hi Abid,

Since you want most retailers to gear towards selling options, what about safety net? What if their view goes wrong? Gamma might kill them. So can you provide safety net by recommending Deep OTM Option buy against each sell strategy? May be label it as Hedge explicitly (so people can decide for themselves whether to go for it or not) and include cost of such insurance/option in total profit estimate assuming these OTM options will expire worthless if customer is right?

Pardon me if it is already available. If available, Hope it’s not restricted to Pro version and available to mango traders like us.



Hey @PS7

If something can potentially reduce the retail trading losses, we will never make it a pro feature. That is a promise.
If you go to, we are already doing this.

There are two things we are not doing which you suggested which I love

  1. Labeling the hedge explicitly as “protection”
  2. Showing the cost of such a protection.

Picking them both up as features. Thank you!


Check out FII Buy Sell Data analysis on Sensibull from today


Even though, it appears simple enough, in order to fully exploit features, do you have any plans to design and put up a “Class Room like In person Training” of say a day/two, chargeable, (by Sensibull, not by Zerodha). I am sure many would be interested. Thanks…DN Rao


Hello. Thanks for the input.

We will do many more YouTube Webinars for this. The thing is, the whole charged classroom thing seemed like a short-term greedy strategy for us. We will hep our users at scale much more, if only we invested those two days in our product consistently. Plus a little bit of education for free thought.

That said, we are not averse to doing some direct interactions for our users without a profit motive, may be just cover the venue costs etc to get direct user feedback, and to get more insights into how people use us. Will keep you posted