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Please help me understand this

How is the settle price arrived at and what is its significance, is the close price of prev day same as next days open price always ?

In the second line of the table on 13th Aug,

how can the contract be 1, turnover be 8.13 lacs and OI be 25 ?

Please help me understand this.



We have released the Custom Strategy Builder with pay off diagrams in pre-beta - Please send us a mail on for early access!


Kindly integrate with ‘Pi platform.’ I hope your technical team is capable of making it possible very soon.




Pi is not used by many people in Zerodha. Less than 3000, I think. Could you please tell me what you are looking for, so what we can solve your problem using the existing kite connect system?


I use ‘Pi Software.’ I cannot login/trade simutenously.

What i expect from your platform is the simple graphical representation of option price Target on chart.
Example: Bank Nifty

Suppose Bank Nifty is trading at a level of 28200 (BLUE LINE) and i am expecting it to fall around 28160 (GREEN LINE) on INTRADAY basis. So i wish to know what will be the price of 28200 PE when it reaches at the level of 28160 on same day.

  • Banknifty can not be trade with BO order. Wild/Swift moves on Banknifty is problem for exit. Option prices just flashed/spurt and settled somewhere.

  • From above mentioned chart, Price of 28200 PE will be different on Thursday, Friday, Monday till weekly expiry. So even i see Banknifty may move 40 points in my direction, price target will be different till expiry.

  • So expect/Hope from your company, to integrate with ‘Pi Software’ with just Simple 2 Lines (with selection of strike price) so that we can set target before market reaches there.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Leonardo da Vinci)


This is one of the best feature requests we have got till date!

Let me add my thoughts to it

  1. We give you an underlying price versus option price mapping. Done - Adding as a feature request
  2. You can trade the options based on the underlying price - Stretch goal. This is technically possible, but NSE has to agree as it goes into algo territory.

Couple of points
a) This will never be a 100% accurate, because the key input here is IV, which we cannot predict with a 100% certainty. What we can do is to make reasonable assumptions on IV, or better still, give you control over the IV, at least the ATM
b) We already have this feature in 3 places without the graph.

  1. You can use the sliders to see the price of an option at the desired level of spot and date. This does not give you control over the IV though
  2. The other is in the pre-beta version of our builder. You can load an option into the builder or compare, and use the sliders to see what the option price will be at any level of spot. Pre Beta disclaimers apply here a bit - UI is not as clean as we want, couple of features missing etc
  3. 3 is on the compare function on the strategies engine. . Load any option you want in the compare and see the option price at a desired spot price & date

Please let me know if this adequately solves your problem. Feel free to mail us on for any help


Thank you for swift reply and complement for “one of the best feature requests we have got till date!”
Though i joined this forum yesterday, I am not novice in the stock market. The best ‘option’ is to invest in yourself.’
I found that your company strategy for option trading is really good but i am afraid that people will likely to lost in abundant information.

I want computing power of IVs, Option price calculation and everthing you have done so far (beautiful work) to be done in background on real time basis and ‘Human wisdom’ to work on foreground. Here comes the graphical representation.

Pi software is really having best feature such as placing order directly from chart itself. The example given is self-explanatory.

I am not expecting 100 % price accuracy in decimal point but help execute order efficiently with suggested price target. There is always scope of improvement in life.

Graphical representaion will be great feature if you understand the potential of my idea. If your pockets are deep the please file patent behalf of company because nobody is doing it elsewhere. Do not forget to mention my name in credits :slight_smile:

I am using Pi software, Is it possible to login simultaneously to your platform. Thank you once again.


Just giving credit where it is due

I always thought we have less information. Thanks for letting us know. We will think of reducing. Do you have any suggestions here?

Thank you!

We are picking this up as soon as we can. Will discuss with the whole team tomorrow. And sure, we will do the credits. We had this idea of putting a hall of fame for the users who contributed the most in our development. You are in :slight_smile:

This is a tough one. We are trying to figure out a way around this with Zerodha. Let me follow up on this with their team.



I always thought we have less information. Thanks for letting us know. We will think of reducing. Do you have any suggestions here?

I think ‘graphic user interface’ of option strategy on chart will help to excute order more efficiently with all calcualtions done on background.

Again with Bank Nifty Example: (Index and option chart plotted side by side)

When Bank Nifty is trading at level of 28200 we know that 28200 PE is trading at 161 levels…my view is that it will fall to 28160 (40 points) on intraday basis… I wish to know where the price of 28200 PE will be?

If Sensibull platform is able suggest price target of 177-180 (when BN reaches 28160)… then it will be helpful to execute trade successfully.

Hoping for best. Thank you.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification. We are on it


Nice product.


Could you also provide following features:

  1. Buying a calender option trade.
  2. Buying bull spread or bear spread.

Basically is it possible to buy/sell two or more options within specified price range and if that is not possible then don’t buy any option at all?



You can do this is Still undergoing some inprovements, but it works. We will add this in strategy engine too

Did you mean to say that you need a filter which will show you options below a particular premium level only?


Thanks. Will try this system.

No. I mean is there any way to ensure that if I’m trying to buy a bull spread, let’s say, then the trade only happens if I trade both options. Sometimes what happens is that when I need to trade two options in a strategy then one option trade gets filled quickly but other remains pending (limit order). I don’t want to place market orders as that will incur slippage.


This is, in many ways, our holy grail, to be honest. The SEBI guidelines on internet based trading classifies this as algorithmic trading. We will try to get this done, once we are through our existing features.

Even if you have an algo, this can only guarantee you a very close approximate price. The way algo works is this:

Say you want to sell a NIFTY Spread. Individual legs are at 100 and 60, with net premium 40. It will set the offer on the hundred leg, and as soon as that is hit, it will hit the offer on the 60 leg. So it wont lose bid offer spread twice, but only once. Of course, this is a huge saving in singles stocks where bid offer is wide, but in Nifty and Bank Nifty, market order hardly makes a difference unless you are trading big size


@Sensibull Hey Abid, is this happening? Also Market depth against each strike price on Option Chain? Any tentative timelines?


Hey @PS7 - What is this, when you said is “this” happening?

And yes, market depth will happen. We will put a date on market depth on our landing page, as soon as we estimate it. Just racing for the launch related features. It will be out soon! Worst case is two months


Time Value premium against strike price, will give idea of break even against each strike.



@Sensibull it was this ‘this’, you had replied earlier, so wanted to know if it’s happening. It will be useful for buying options directly from Sensibull.


Hey @PS7 - Sorry, totally missed out. Plus the thread had grown quite a bit. I had added it to a list of improvements in Option Chain, but missed out because the last 2-3 weeks were plain crazy with everything near the launch. Let me guarantee you that we will not let a feature request we agreed on go unimplemented.

We will pick up a sprint of improvements, this will be done then


I’ve question.

  1. Will the charges be cut from your capital in trading account? Automatically?
  2. If yes, how to turn of this service? I’ve logged in twice only to check how it works and it only asked KIte login, no other payment instructions or guidlines were given. Pls mention that as well.
  3. Basically I don’t require it and don’t want to be charged for it, so pls tell how to make sure it doesn’t

Pls reply, kind regards