Share Clarification Imp!

Dear All

Some equity shares are marked (on NSE) as “BE” or “BL” etc
and on BSE they’re marked as “Group T”

What does this mean?

I was unable to place a squareoff order on an equity marked BE

Pl advise
What are the diff types of categorisation for equity?
BE/BL/CL etc?

EDIT - I was able to find out that these shares are restricted on a T2T basis only, meaning trade-to-trade, and so square-offs aren’t allowed.
Are there any other restrictions also?

What’s NSE BL/IL ?

Intraday trades are not allowed in the BE category stocks. Only delivery based trades are allowed in such stocks. To know more about these stock categories check this thread.

THank you Bhuvanesh!

One more thing.
When selling Shankara Shares, I got an error “Rule: Check circuit limit including square off order exceeds”

I searched a bit online and found about circuit breakers on NSE website.
But that was only for the amount of stock that could be sold.

I couldn’t find any mention/reference to circuit limits on quantities for an IPO on listing day.

Could you shed some light on this plz?