Stock price not getting updated


Stock price of some of the stocks are not getting updated in kite like TRF, Jayshree Tea. What is the reason.

It maybe because no one is buying/selling it. (Illiquid stock)
Check the market depth in live market tomorrow and see if that’s the case.

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Its not illiquid stock. you can check in google too. share price of JayshreeTea is closing every day at different price.


There are no traders for jayshree tea in NSE.

Just try BSE entry for similar stocks.

Added Bse stock now, its updating, however on google nse one is also updating, i also have sharekhan account in that also nse one getting updated.

Jayshree and TRF are trading in the BE group. So you need to add JAYSHREE-BE and TRF-BR to your marketwatch. Stocks in BE group are settled on a trade to trade basis meaning no intraday and BTST trades. To learn more about stock categories check out this post.

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Same is case with ugar sugar since yesterday