Stock Trading Query: Transition from T2T to T+1 Segment

I have a question regarding stock trading regulations. If a stock is listed in the T2T segment for 10 days and then transitions to the T+1 segment, am I allowed to sell a stock that I purchased on the last day of T2T on the first day of T+1? Seeking clarity on this trading scenario. Any insights or references to the exchange rules would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

@ShubhS9 :pray:

Hi @Power

This is not possible for now.

But, we are evaluating the risks of allowing BTST trades in t2t scrips .

Once, that is figured out, We will be allowing. Will keep you posted on this.

@Meher_Smaran Thanks for your reply.

Just confirming with an example :

  1. The stock is in T2T today.
  2. It will be SM on next trading day i.e Monday.
  3. If I buy the stock today, can I sell it on Monday?

In this scenario I believe I should be allowed BTST since it will be in SM on Monday.

By the way, I’m responding to this question to help anyone who might come across it.

Yes, on Zerodha, you are permitted to sell a stock on the day it transitions from ST to SM. So, if you purchased a stock on the last day of T2T and wish to sell it on the first day of SM, you are allowed to do so.

@Meher_Smaran given that all stocks are now under T+1 settlement, it is hoped that Zerodha also allows BTST for stocks trading in T2T. This is because most other brokers permit it, and it could be considered unfair to Zerodha customers if Zerodha doesn’t.

Other brokers allow to sell BTST in T2T only after crediting of shares in the afternoon…Zerodha should allow it too…Its unfair to zerodha customers.

Has this feature been enabled on Zerodha ? Some friends said that they are now able to sell T2T scripts next day? @Meher_Smaran

Yes, it is now possible to do BTST trades in T2T stocks. More here: Enhanced Kite search, Govt. Securities on Kite app, Immediate pledge of new G-Secs & SGBs and BTST for T2T stocks