Stocks resulting from corporate actions not showing in Zerodha platform

Shares that result from corporate actions such as a split, bonus, demerger etc does not show up immediately in my Zerodha platform. Why does this happen?


This could happen due to the following reasons:

  1. The RTA(Registrar and Transfer Agent) managing the corporate action has still not credited shares to your demat. You can directly contact the RTA for a status on why the shares haven’t been credited yet.

  2. The corporate action shares have been credited to your demat, but are still not showing up in your trading terminal/backoffice. This happens when the new ISIN assigned to these shares is not recognized by exchange yet. Once the ISIN is activated at the exchange, the shares will automatically show up in your account.

In the meanwhile, you can create a CDSL easi account to view these shares and your other demat balances. Steps are mentioned in the post below:

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