Stop loss problem in options


I am stuck in kindof different situation.While trading in options,i am unable to put both target and sl together,its allowing only one of them to put.

And also while putting limit order for higher value,strangely order executes at market price.why is this awkward ? am i missing something here?

Use SL for buying at higher than market

Try this- might not be fool proof tho

Use bracket orders. Problem solved.

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after how much time have you opened zerodha?


Uh, why? Is that even relevant?

DON’T trade in options if you do not know even basics.
Why am I even telling you this. ANyways you are not gonna listen!!

For higher values limit sell orders will never get executed at market. For buy orders though, they will execute as market order.


Try bracket orders . You will know.

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I only use bracket orders.

What is the need for patronizing? I put a suggestion, since he asked. if he doesn’t find it useful, he can ignore. End of story.

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Shall I laugh while rolling on the floor OR cry out loudly for this.
As I suggested do put in bracket order for options in zerodha.
No need to make up things that are not facts.

Or you are special person who can put in BO in options in zerodha

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I use fyers.

Everyone knows zerodha stop BO long back.

You are making yourself look so ignorant, in the event of trying to mock others. Infact, you are so ignorant and annoying.

NOW everyone knows dear. Few replies back you were the only person ignorant of this fact.
Or you assumed that the person posting the question has fyers account and hence advised him about using BO.
Being simpleton, that I am, I will assume that the person has zerodha account and primarily trade with zerodha.

And it was you who started looking for troubles when I simply replied

So finding that your suggestion is very useless, I suggested you somthing. But just like you told me earlier. IF my suggestion was of no use to you.

So could you too!

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And I forget to mention

But it seems this is not going to be end of the story.

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Everyone can change brokers, if he finds what he wants in others.

Now, why do you keep arguing like a girl? Are you a girl or half man, ahem…

Wish tqna, has options to block people, like whatsapp.

(Edit, cuz you are so arrogant) I feel real sorry for your girlfriend, if you have one.

Sexist catfish spotted.

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thanks for your useful info,

sometimes we do trading,1:3 would be my target/sl points,but there will be sharp recovery below sl to target,in that case arent we booking losses?
In cover order if sl is hit,still target order doesnt cancel,we have to be careful or else again it becomes problem

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Yes that’s true.
With BO disabled you have to keep an eye on pending orders.
As soon as target is hit cancel cover order SL.
Or if SL is taken out cancel Target order.

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USE GTT in Zerodha

There you can set both SL and TGT and make use of OCO ( One cancels other) option.

A general work of caution : If you are new to Options and dont know how it works, recommend to do deep study and paper trading first.

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I tried gtt,few of the calls worked,but yesterday to my surprise my sl was not hit,saying i dont required margin.I took NRML position and why do i need margin to sell my position ?

usually sl doesnt hit in options due to high volatility.pls some one let me know.

Most of the time i use GTT and it has worked fine. When volatality is high some orders won’t execute, so I keep a 2 % gap between trigger and sell/buy price, It works without any issue.

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