Stopl Loss, Trailing Stop loss and Take profit for CNC order

I am a customer of Zerodha brokerage services. I am fascinated with the range of products available with you. But the most important help will be by including trailing stop loss and tak profit targets in CNC and NRML orders. This will help the swing traders and positional traders and others to
lock in desired profits. As tradingview charts are included plz include methods to trail sl and take profit points.
Thank You


We are planning something, give us a few more weeks.


nice to hear from you sir thank you to reply queries of a learner…

Hi Nithin,

Nice to hear this. Along with this, if i place a CNC order, after the order is trigerred , I can either place a stop loss (or) target (only one of them but not both).

For Intraday, when we use BO(Bracket Order), we are able to place both stoploss/target.
So, I think it might not be possible to place either of them (or) both (stoploss and target) when we place an order for CNC. But after the initial order is trigerred, then please make changes in such a way that, instead of just placing stoploss/ target, we should be able to place both at once and also trailing stop loss at the same time.

This is more useful for Nifty/Bank Nifty (or) F&O traders specifically. This helps all zerodha customers to earn profits when the trade is going in their favor. Thanks in advance.


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@siva @nithin, is above mentioned query possible?

Not possible to have trailing stop loss for existing positions, we are trying to solve atleast able to place sl and target once it hit set trigger for holdings (eq) in 1st phase. Others will follow in phases.

Trailing SL is too much to ask for but great to hear if we can place SL and target in one order. Won’t have to sit in front of the system to cancel another.

I would be glad if stop loss and Target just comes in phase one and we get relief from every day resetting stop loss and Target orders. Can’t even go on holiday without worries when in a positional trade.

Yes, both will come.

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Option only for holdings or indraday as well?

For holdings, positions, new ones as well. But for intra other product types are already available.

Thanks, Siva. Yes, BO is already available. But for example, if I enter with a Buy order (MIS), will I get an option of SL/Target in one order?

You will.

Thank you

Can we know, when can this be expected?

Hi Nithin, Siva, I have recently migrated to zerodha and I would love to know/see if we already have this feature integrated.

Or could you please let us know when can we expect the target and trailing stop loss for CNC and NRML?

Thanks much.

Trailing order comes under algo trading, so that is not allowed for retailers and it won’t come.

So, if I understood it correct - it will not be available for CNC and NRML, whereas it is available for the MIS under BO for retailers.

Also, is it exchange/SEBI/others restrictions on brokers that they can not provide this feature?

Another unrelated query - Can the retailers like us place the block order on zerodha or any broker interface in bulk marketing window, if so will it have any higher priority?

Hi Siva,

Is that a regulatory thing. i.e. Trailing stops cannot be used, or is it because you’ve put that option under algo trading? TS really does help retail investors protect their capital - so not sure why TS is not meant for them.

Second, is it possible to see a TS option under GTT instead?

Trailing stop comes under algo as per NSE guidelines so not possible to give it.