Strategy for intraday


Please share some good trading strategies for Intraday.

Any good strategy videos to watch.


In my opinion some good intraday trading strategies are
momentum trading strategy
reversal trading strategy
gap and go trading strategy
bull flap trading strategies


Thanks, where can I learn these strategies


Here is one - Mean reversion.

With tight SL,
Short whatever goes up
Long whatever goes down Check up.


Check out here


Please bash me if you guys can if you see irregularities or
Please guide me if you see or think there is a better way of trade spotting or management.

If you need any info on the system, do ask me too! Its just normal price action. Sometimes I see bollinger bands.


You will get 100% suitable answer @


I found a 100% troll who is selling course where I can not even see his last 10 trades which verifies that he does some scalping or I can test it. What I am missing? He is sharing the trades for free anywhere? If he is selling a strategy for a price does he have some live videos where it is proven that it works?

Or a big drum?

The only channel for intraday trading I saw which is legit apart from the Buddha I shared from scam ocean of telegram is Makes huge money if you are a pro trader. Otherwise lol.


Here is another one

After this video you will find a series of video doing live trade for half or more than half a month. I closed that initiative because it was boring.

I still do this. You can ask me to put it live any day you want.

Strategy -

  1. Sell call options when you think BN is going to fall. or viceversa
  2. Sell put options when your first trade is screwed . or viceversa
  3. If it kept going up then ladder the call up and put up and sell more aggressive PE but this ones with TSL. or viceversa
  4. Close everything when you don’t have view.

*I saw only price of BankNIFTY while trading this. I don’t open charts if trade is going to profit. My eyes stay on total MTM. If you sell something and it goes up, you don’t need a chart to tell you that it is shooting up right?

** It is heavy psychological pressure to deal with this system. So start with 1.5L only and map it to higher capital. You can easily see it does +10k to -10K all time. (With 15L it will be -1L to +1L lol. That is enough to make you irrational) So I made a mapper system to keep my sanity level at normal.


All the best trading strategies on this site in one place.


Thanks bro. A lot of thanks! :slight_smile:


You are right. But always don’t go on searching with doubts… First do ask them to prove on Live markets on One-On-One. They provide their contact number in their website. Call them directly and also they provide client reviews on website follow them. But, its legitimate and profitable what you are searching … No doubt about it. Don’t miss it. - Your well wisher…


Their? is giving tips do they research?
I lost 50K in Union Bank's F&O in a single day when PNB posted result on 7 August.. Should i continue to trade or take break.
Regarding intraday trading

I can clearly see you are promoting it. Hence it is you obviously. Posing as that crap company. Posting some Amibroker screenshot. All boom boom profits. Your strategy never made loss I guess. Mine does though. The way you are pitching and dying to get a call to trap :rofl: I am quite certain I am not going to call.

If your strategy makes even slightest profit you would not be having time to do one on one for 3000 for 3 days :rofl:

I can arrange some customers to verify too. This is new level BS. You know how one can prove one is trader?

Just post 10 trades with rationale in You can not change your trades there after you post. You will be respected with highest level if you are a good trader. There is no need to call and stuff to convince.

Here is my profile -

I am thinking to start a new venture with an intro of Wolf of Wall Street.


Buy Low, Sell High :pray:


Ptchhhhh… it’s human psychology. You are genious …