Streak_Algo trading query

  1. Is there any way we can place both entry and exit ordersnor a bracket order without manual intervention on streak?

  2. If not, what is the difference between strategy and scanning, except for backtesting facility and interface?

  3. @Krishnendu is streak planning to get all scanning tools(mathematical operators, multitime frame etc) in strategy as well?

  4. If point#1 is not possible on streak or anywhere, how can one say that ‘x’ % of NSE trades are placed through algo trading? Googled it, results show 40% of total trade volume. What is that?

  1. You can place both entry and exit orders, and bracket orders as well, but it requires confirmation from users.

  2. A strategy as both entry and exit conditions stated whereas a scanner just sent a notification when a condition is met. Also, p/l is tracked for a strategy. If one has to list, there will be many differences. You will be able to understand them when you use the platform.

  3. Of course

  4. Refer Is automating trades through CTCL more stable than automating trades through IBT?