Streak Missing Features


Hi Ceenu,
Our teams are hard at work in adding indicators, we have added couple of new indicators, which include Stochastic, Stochastic MTM, pivot points and also a custom logic for comparing with previous N candles “prev N”

We are working adding other top asked indicators and you will be able to see them very soon.


I can select only one month for backtest period. When will streak allow me to select more than one month.


Adding to the list of missing features (by no means a criticism-you guys are on the right track . I just hope you can do it faster)

  • Need a way to do mathematical operations on indicators. For example, if I want to see if the close on a particular period is more than 1% of the exponential moving average of the past 15 periods. I can only compare whether it is greater or less than the exponential moving average of the past 15 periods. I cannot check if it is more than 1% of less than 1% for that matter.
    -Need a way to see if a particular indicator is trending up. For example, the on balance volume is trending up or down. In other words, taking a derivative and other derivative.
  • Need a place a limit order instead of market order. If it is not there right now, at least you can consider removing the restriction of the algorithm only running once an action has been taken. This is so problematic that I stopped using streak after a few days. I have to manually stop and restart each of the stocks that I’m looking at
  • also maybe consider allowing at least one timeframe to be looked at. For example, if the user wants to specify the following. Buy a stock w but then it is on an uptrend on the weekly chart and on the daily chart there is an Macd cross over. Right now we can only get one candle so -we can either be on the daily chart on the weekly chart.


Depending on the candle interval, you can backtest for 5 years. However we are planning to add the feature of backtesting on 1 min candle for the last 2 months. It should be live in May 2018.


I think streak has a problem with picking up signals in real time as opposed to backtesting historical data.
I created a MACD crossover algo in 1 hour timeframe on a few stocks and deployed it. Then I started taking screenshots of my streak app every day after the market closed, so that I had a record of all the alerts generated in real time, each day. I did this for the next 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I went back to streak web and did a backtest for that same algo on the same stocks, for the past 2 weeks.
The number of times the algo signal was generated during backtesting was nearly twice the number of alerts I got in real time on my app, which I know from looking at the screenshots. I did this a number of times, with different stocks and got the same results. Streak inevitably missed quiet a few signals each and every time.
So the conclusion is that streak is unable to detect and send alerts in real time, for every occurence of any given signal. So Is there any solution to this problem…?
P.S. I put my stoploss and target at 0.1% to make sure it picked up all the signals, so thats not the issue here…


Dear Sir,
We would like to explain how the methodology for deployment differs from the methodology for backtesting.
During a backtest the very first time an entry signal is triggered, the system enters the hypothetical position immediately. Once it has entered the position, it then waits for the stop loss or target profit or the exit condition in the algo to be met or for the end of market hours everyday (if you have chosen MIS). Once any of these four conditions becomes true (whichever comes first) the position is exited and the system waits for the next entry signal. If the entry condition is met anywhere in between the position, that is when a position had been taken and the system is waiting for an exit signal, any entry signals triggered during this time will be ignored.

During deployment in the market, the system waits for the first entry signal, just like in a backtest, however if you do not take action on the first entry position, the algo will not generate further notifications and further entry signals will be ignored by the system. The system has been designed this way to help the trader. In order to generate further notifications, you will have to either cancel the notification (in which case the algo will be stopped) or stop the algo and deploy it again.

Therefore comparing backtesting signals with deployed notifications will not match.


Another basic feature I miss on this commendable platform u people have built is, the mathematical operators (i.e. multiplication, division, etc). What if I want to test a strategy wherein a 0.5% move is registered from the opening price of prev or 2nd prev candle. I need to be able to multiply the opening price by a factor of 1.005, this feature is however not there.
Hoping for a heed on this issue.


If I deploy an algo. And it gave signal at 10 AM, but due to some some flapping etc I was unable to fire the order. Now that notification sits there. The next signal came at 1 pm. but streak wont give that signal!!!
Trader need to proactively cancel earlier signals.
WoW! Never seen such algo platform! Normally lesser algos will automatically grey out the old signals. Or there is a visual distinction made between expired & live signals.
Yet another path breaking initiative!!


The algo stops tracking after the signal is generated and position is not entered. The best way is to stop the algo and redeploy it again. The signal that is generated is live for 5 mins in the notification page and till EOD in the order tree.

We are working on a new UI that will solve this issues and have a smoother flow . Expected launch date is 1 Jun 18.


Still not available. Any Update?


This option is still not available even in June 2018, you promised to complete by April 2018. For all intraday traders they backtest only for one day to check their strategy not 1 month or 3 months as default option available. Everytime I need to run one backtest & change the date range in result window & again have to run backtest again. This wastes one backtest everytime i run the strategy & also wastes our time which is frustrating. Please help to add this option urgently.


In the new UI the signals are live till the algo is live in the deployed page. The signals are distinctive with the blinking dots on every algo that has generated signal.


You have replied for other person’s query under my name. Please help to reply for my query too. Thanks.


Hi Harish,
Apologies, your feature request is still in our task-list, as you can see there have been lot of improvements made and app release was done, your request had been re-arranged in the list based on the teams priorities, we will surely make it available but we request your patience.


Hi Team,

I am facing issue in back testing strategy. “Edit parameter” option in backtest window is not opening.



Hi karthikff,

You wont be able to edit the algo the is deployed. Stop the algo to edit it. Do write to support[@] for help


can we cont red or green candle in streak ?
i want to use top reversal pattern is there any way ?

Thank you


Dear Sir,

Currently, you cannot count Red and Green candle on Streak.
But you can manually form your required pattern using , close, prev close, prev N close.



Dear streak

When u will add the option to customize the candle which we need to use for example if i need to use 3 hours candle or more u dont have option
U hav promised it will become customized from july 2018 but we are running in december 2018 when it will be done
U just have limited selection over here


I have used streak during the trial period and would like to know if when the signal is generated on the algo instead of a blinking blue or orange dot can we add some other indication such as a beeping sound on the PC or vibration on the mobile so that we dont miss signals if we are not in front of the system.