Streak Missing Features


Hi Ceenu,
Our teams are hard at work in adding indicators, we have added couple of new indicators, which include Stochastic, Stochastic MTM, pivot points and also a custom logic for comparing with previous N candles “prev N”

We are working adding other top asked indicators and you will be able to see them very soon.


I can select only one month for backtest period. When will streak allow me to select more than one month.


Adding to the list of missing features (by no means a criticism-you guys are on the right track . I just hope you can do it faster)

  • Need a way to do mathematical operations on indicators. For example, if I want to see if the close on a particular period is more than 1% of the exponential moving average of the past 15 periods. I can only compare whether it is greater or less than the exponential moving average of the past 15 periods. I cannot check if it is more than 1% of less than 1% for that matter.
    -Need a way to see if a particular indicator is trending up. For example, the on balance volume is trending up or down. In other words, taking a derivative and other derivative.
  • Need a place a limit order instead of market order. If it is not there right now, at least you can consider removing the restriction of the algorithm only running once an action has been taken. This is so problematic that I stopped using streak after a few days. I have to manually stop and restart each of the stocks that I’m looking at
  • also maybe consider allowing at least one timeframe to be looked at. For example, if the user wants to specify the following. Buy a stock w but then it is on an uptrend on the weekly chart and on the daily chart there is an Macd cross over. Right now we can only get one candle so -we can either be on the daily chart on the weekly chart.


Depending on the candle interval, you can backtest for 5 years. However we are planning to add the feature of backtesting on 1 min candle for the last 2 months. It should be live in May 2018.