Streak Scanner is now free for all Zerodha users

We are happy to announce that Streak Scanner will now be completely free for all Zerodha customers. This should enable everyone to discover, create, and run scanners across market segments.

The Streak Scanner can be accessed at

Streak Scanner allows you to filter stocks or futures contracts based on conditions using any technical criteria such as technical indicators and math operators.

Overview of Streak Scanners:

Discover Scanners

You can access our library of pre-built scanners to help you get started. The pre-built scanners are for both bullish and bearish market sentiments. The scanners are based on parameters like Top gainers and losers, Candlestick patterns, Range Breakouts, Long and Short build-up for Options, etc., and can be filtered based on Chart type and time frame.

To access the pre-built scanner, go to the home page, and click on the scanner you want to run, this will open the scanner window showing you the scan parameters. Click on “Run Scan” to load the results. For quicker access, you can favorite the Scanner by clicking on the “☆”.

All scanners run on 1 minute data.

You can run the scanner on a basket of stocks, like Nifty 50, 100, and 500 stocks, Futures and Options, Sectors, and more.

Streak Scanner supports over 100+ technical indicators, including Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Central Pivot Range, and more. Along with mathematical operators and functions.

Check charts and stock-specific technicals

After running the scan, you can quickly check the stock-specific technical summary and charts.

Note: By default, ChartIQ charts are selected, and this cannot be changed currently now you have the option to choose between ChartIQ and Trading View charts from account preference.
Refer: Streak Scanner is now free for all Zerodha users - #41 by TechnicalTrader

Place Orders

You can also place buy and sell orders directly after running the scan. Orders can be placed for both MIS (Intraday) and CNC/NRML product types and order types like Market, Limit, Stoploss Limit (SL), and Stoploss Market (SL-M).

The orders placed through Scanner can be seen both on Kite as well as Streak orderbook and positions.

Note: does not support MCX and CDS futures.

How do I access the Streak Scanner?

To access the new Streak Scanner, simply open this link:, click on Login, and select “Log in with Kite”.

Do I need to subscribe or pay any other charges?

Streak Scanner is completely free to use for Zerodha users.

Regular charges like brokerage, STT, ETT, Stamp Duty, etc. for placing orders will be applicable, whether you trade from Kite or directly from Streak.

For further queries, reach out to us at [email protected]


Woah this is awesome!!! :clap:

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Welcome the offer. Thank you so much zerodha.


this is a great move! is it possible to have the scans automatically run (say, every 5 mins) during market hours and give us alerts real-time?


Wow great great news. Thanks again for some awesome product

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Wow some great new news. Thank you Team Streak


Hi @kauphylover, Live Scanner alert is not available yet on Have noted your feedback :slight_smile:


Tis is really cool

I tried making a scanner what a flow. Loved this update

Plus you have made it free. Thank you streak.

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The home page is perfect.

You guys have really added some cool features pattern image and summary


This is really cool

Wonderful announcement.

Thank you team streak & zerodha


This is really cool

You guys have kept Heikin-ashi and even allowing to scan on Futures and options for free.

Thank you very much team.

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Is there any chance Streak Ultimate can be made free to Zerodha users? I’d love myself some free money away from screens.


Really looking forward to this.

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Ohh WOW. This is really nice. Condition writing is so smooth. Thanks Streak and Zerodha


I love this really cool feature from Zerodha and Streak!! The best part is can place an order instantly.


Another great product from Streak…simply awesome. The UI is so simple. I can create lengthy conditions in just a fraction of seconds.

Thank you Zerodha and Streak for this.


Trading became quicker for me with the introduction of this product. Now I can just search for the stocks and directly place orders from it. Moreover, its free for Zerodha users😀

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Ok so I checked and it’s most of what I would need, but still, if @Streak Ultimate could be provided it’d be better. Thanks for the great offer, I’m feeling good about this.

Yo!!! This is awesome… Thank you @nithin


that’s so true, couldn’t agree more!