Streak Scanner is now free for all Zerodha users

Hi @nifty_trader1

Please ensure you are using this link and not
I answered a similar question here

If you are trying to open the same above link and are facing any issues, please let me know by sharing the details here or at [email protected] and we will certainly help you.

Hi @gopinath_shiva

Thank you for highlighting this.

The issue has been fixed and you will be able to see your favourite scanners after refreshing the page.

This is really a great product for zerodha users.
Hope they don’t monetize this in future and keep it free for everyone…

Thank you team Streak and Zerodha

Hi @Chirag1

Dark theme is not available yet for, it is on our To-Do List and will be added with future updates.

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The new interface for creating scanners is nice. Slightly easier

Used this today to scan on Nifty 100 and found some good stocks for buying. Technical dashboard + Scanners = Killer combination

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Thank you @Streak for adding the option to switch between Chartiq and Tradingview chart…really helps a lot for traders like us who uses Tradingview


The scanners are helping me a lot to scalp through the market within some seconds. It has become so easy to create watchlists every day.

Truly deserves an appreciation

Wow, this is really awesome!

It’s super exciting to see the collaboration between Streak and Zerodha, definitely, this will be an amazing synergy platform. The fact that you can execute buy and sell orders directly from the scanner is a game-changer.

The timing is awesome, Especially now as the market is gearing up for a new bull rally, this platform will be a lifesaver. Being able to spot those fresh trading opportunities efficiently is like having a secret weapon in your trading arsenal.

Thanks for the great product. Appreciate the efforts.


Why I find these scanners so effective is the simple fact that it makes life so easy for a trader. Looking at the price action, volume, and strong adx, I would think of buying Central Bank with a stop loss of around Rs 38-39. No target profit here, will keep trailing the stop loss instead.

Not a recommendation though, don’t screw me if it goes south from tomorrow. Setups can fail anytime, manage your risks well, always.


Thank you for acknowledging and respecting the chart preferences of the traders. Now I see there is a Trading view chart as well in preferences.

Thanks for the quick update.

it is mind-boggling to see that it is all free to use, such a great advantage being a Kite User. :heart: :heart:


Yes, this has been very useful since I use tradingview charts primarily for drawing on charts. So far I am loving the condition creation process. It has become smooth.

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Damn, this is no joke!!

the whole platform is made so simple, think about the amount of research and filtering traders would do after using this platform.

I just created one simple EMA 5 setup, just to check how it works. truly this is really good.

Good initiative… Zerodha and Streak. :pray:


technicals also point out that this move is strong. Unless the broader market corrects tomorrow, I think momentum might continue.

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hmmm, the Central bank is 4.2% up today (15th Sep 2023).


The Cochin shipyard looks strong today. took the help of this very effective scanner(the previous day high breakout) to take a trade. thankfully it followed what I had anticipated. thanks again for building such effective scanners

Inside bar and an upper side breakout in HDFCBANK

What do you guys think? will the trend continue?


just came across this post. such a easy tool to create scanners and find stocks absolutely love it. simple and clean and no ads even though its free :slight_smile: thanks Streak and Zerodha for this :pray: :heart: