Streak trade at price issue

I came to know about streak recently and was playing around a little bit.
Here is what I faced :
My aim was to create a strategy where I would buy 1 share of ashokleyland when trade at price was around 119.5 (±0.1%) with target and stoploss of 1 %.Other entry condition was that opening range (Open,1 hour ) should be less than 119.5 to make sure that trade is not executed when price is falling from top. However, the trade happened even when open range (open) was above 119.5 and I cought a falling knife. Any solutions so that buy(trade @ price ) signal is executed only when price goes up and not when it comes down.?

@Streak can you.



Can you please share screenshots of your strategy orderlog?

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@Krishnendu sure…here it is…


Hope this can shed some more light into the matter.


Even tried nth candle (1st) open to be lower than 116.The order still got executed. (Paper traded )
Actual 1st candle open : 120… some bug may be?


You cannot use At price with any other indicator. The same has been mentioned in the Help section.

Not sure how you were able to create the condition since it would not allow you to create this combination or any combination with Trade At Price. Please write to [email protected] on this.

Since “Trade At Price” will not meet your requirement, here is an alternative that you can look into

Close(0) higher than 119.35 and
Close(0) lower than 119.65 and
Opening Range(Open, hour) lower than 119.5

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same issue here

Backtest showing fake information

This is what happens in reality. Its not being executed.

Paper trading works perfectly.


Backtesting assumes you take an entry every time your condition is met and there are no active positions. Backtest will not know whether you have taken any position in the live market.

As per your screenshot, you have not taken any action after getting a notification to buy. If you do not take action on the Entry notification, you will not get the exit alert. If you do not get the exit alert, the system will not send any subsequent notification for entry.

Please refer Deployed - Streak Help

So you mean I should take action manually each time? I can just do it manually why would I use streak then ?

Paper trades does not require any user action because the entry order is simulated. However, in a live strategy entry/exit notification need to be acted upon for the order to get placed. You need to read the manual first and understand how the platform works before deploying live strategies.

I never knew I should take action for live strategies.

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