Superiority of Trading View over Kite

Trading View is 10,000 times better than Kite and they are offering there trading terminal to other brokers. So why isn’t zerodha using Trading View’s terminal. It will save you guys from the resources and time you are investing in Kite and even after that much work KIte is lagging behind.


its not the trading platform or tools its experience and strategy which gives you edge of winning .think about traders like nithin and other who dnt have these thing at that time when they start trading yet they are successful


Correct, zerodha could have leveraged the complete trading terminal itself instead of just the charting library from tradingview. It would have been wonderful. Lets hope in the future.

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It isn’t as easy as it seems from the outside. There are multiple challenges - not just with tradingview but with any other third party platform - especially the foreign ones. .

When you don’t own the source code to a trading platform that you offer or if there no 24/7 local support, you know the risks right? It is okay as a standalone charting platform, but as a trading platform on a certain day if something is not right and you are not able to spot it and fix it immediately, that potentially could be the death to the business. Using it only for charting is a debatable topic. We had decided to power our charting using chartiq - another really big charting solutions vendor.

Even though on the outside Kite looks like a really simple platform, we run some crazy bits to optimize performance. Today Kite is powering maybe the maximum number of retail trades per day. It would not have been possible if we had used a third party platform. Again like I said, they would be a good bet to power charting, but not the entire trading experience.

Today tradingview is trying to get the social bit going on their website, so they are offering attractive deals for integration. But what if once they have acquired the community they start upping the price? At the brokerage rates we work, we can’t take the risk of any price increase. Again something which can potentially disrupt our business.

But yeah, that said, we know the guys there and we may decide to work together in the future.


Hi Nithin
I really love the Kite`s charting interface and at the same time ease of placing orders looking at the charts and market depth all at the same time.
I was just thinking if we could have alert features on kite like that of tradingview,which seems to be making the real difference.Not just price alerts but alerts on trendlines ,indicators etc.,even as an addon paid service.

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Price alerts are coming through soon on Kite.

Alerts on technical indicators, we are working with a startup on an exciting solution. Will take us a couple of months.


Still awating,

Yes, the best thing KITE can provide.


Could you check for alerts on technical indicators.

Could you check first?

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Very Correct.

even kite is 3rd party foreign based platform - sort of!
It uses chart iq

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yes even kite interface and drawings all are from Chartiq… i am unable to understand what limitations they are talking about… limitations which apply to Tradingview, applies to chartiq too… because nothing is developed by zerodha … they have vendor for it and i find no difference in chartiq interface and zerodha’s …

Fyers introduce full version of trading view-algo

FYERS Strengthens Ties With TradingView

By Tejas Khoday03/03/20208 Comments

In 2017, when we launched FYERS Web we became the first stockbroker in India to tie-up with the world-renowned TradingView platform which is mainly useful for charting & technical analysis for all types of financial instruments. Since we tied-up with TradingView for our charting solutions, our clients demanded us to provide all the exclusive TradingView features on FYERS Web. In order to fulfill the clients’ custom requirements, from time to time we took up the feature requests and implemented several of them on our platform by coordinating with TradingView and our development team and tried our best to extend these functionalities to our clientele. Since some of the features such as market profile, custom indicators etc. are unavailable, we have always encouraged our clients to subscribe to their paid subscription if there is such a need for specific features.

To take our agenda of providing preferred access to TradingView to the trading fraternity in India further, we have tied up with TradingView to help increase their penetration by the way of promoting their paid subscription plans. Clients availing the TradingView paid subscription through us, will get the benefit of free FYERS API Bridge subscription which can further reduce the cost of technology in trading.

Checkout Our Offers on the API Bridge if you subscribe to TradingView:

  • PRO Subscription → 50% Discount = ₹250 per month / ₹3000 per year
  • PRO+ Subscription → FREE per month / per year
  • Premium Subscription → FREE per month / per year

The benefits of getting TradingView paid subscription along with the API Bridge:

  1. FYERS will subsidize the cost of the API Bridge as mentioned if the client subscribes to TradingView through us.
  2. You will not need to subscribe to data separately as TradingView provides the required market data along with its useful features and scripting language (Pinescript) that can be used to create trading strategies or trigger alerts. It’s like shooting 2 birds with one arrow.
  3. Signals/Alerts can be sent from TradingView to the API bridge to fire orders in your FYERS account as per your defined settings in the API Bridge platform.

Note : The above offer is only applicable for the new users of TradingView. If any user has visited TradingView previously and renew his subscription then it will not be considered for the offer.

How to Get Started:

  • Subscribe to your preferred TradingView paid version using the above banner link.
  • Confirm your TradingView subscription by providing the required details in this form.
  • Your subscription will be confirmed & the discounted/free API Bridge access will be given on the next working day (24 working hours) along with the login credentials which will be sent to your registered Email ID.
  • Request access to FYERS Trading API (Ignore if you already have access) .
  • Download the API Bridge here.
  • Integrate TradingView with FYERS API Bridge, create and implement trading strategies in your account with us.

To get more details about the API Bridge, click here. You can also read more about it in our support portal articles. If you have any questions or need clarifications, you can reach out to us in the comments section below. We look forward to providing the maximum value to the paid users of TradingView in India. If you think that our offer could be useful to your friends who trade actively, feel free to share this blog and help spread awareness.

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FYERS is a shady business. I would not recommend going to them.

yes thats correct , but zerodha want to come diffrent then kite , in kite there is not to much features , they always telling we are working working , but still nothing else came out to customers , thats a big woorry of zerodha

we requested before itself some features nothing came out still,
trading from chart , MAF, screener in kite , us stock investment , etc , needed feauture not yet arrived in kite , thats make us irritating
Basket screener we need in kite like fmcg baske etc

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How many more features you want?

Does having many feature make u a good trader?

Z is providing all that is needed for trading. The rest is up to you.

No amount of hi tech features is going to help you become a better trader.

if you are not happy with kite or TV , just use amibroker + gdfl.

I don’t understand why people are complaining about a web based charting app. It will NEVER be as good as a standalone charting app like amibroker.

BTW amibroker has all the features needed for a trader. Just use it with a authorized data feed and use kite for putting in orders.

I really don’t care what features Zerodha provides on kite or TV as long as order execution is solid.

@trader_dude i will never tell kite is bad , Kite is awesome , but we need some other feature like MAF , when market is correcting our favourite stock want to execute in GTT through MAF also we can pay three days after also ,

we need a combined ledgere for equity and commodity to make a trade hassle free , to use a same colleterial etc,
screener will help to identify to make a best investment in particular sector in stock , trading from chart also awesome to mak a trade easy for us ,

currently kite is awesome , for better experiance in kite to include this feature its make superiour trade and invesment decision in zerodha


People have been investing & trading without these features for a long time and they seem to have no issues.

These are “nice to have” but not “must have” features.

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@trader_dude Its my opinion only , not for you i think , diffrent people have diffrent opinion , i am more comfortable if i have this feature in zerodha , 1980 market or not in 2020 , today revolution in technology , , so i like see those technology in zerodha so whats wrong


you are right.

you have every right to ask for these features if that makes you comfortable in trading.

Its up to Z to provide these.

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