SWP / STP in Zerodha

Would be interesting to test how time synced your servers are :slight_smile:

@Neelesh Thanks for the explaination.

Seems like this approach doesn’t allow one time transfer, as the withdrawl from source fund wouldn’t have completed. Is it possible to setup one time transfer (with T day NAV) in zerodha platform - atleast for cases where the source and destination funds are under the same AMC?

Just to clarify, will this ensure that the amount debit for investment in one scheme is only done after the amount credit from the SWP in the other scheme.

@Neelesh . The New Features in Console are very good.Liked them. Is it also possible to have invested amount vs current amount graph in dashboard. As of now , it’s only tracking the current amount over the time .

Yes, we are working on a few enhancements on the dashboard, we will soon have better insights on coin.

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@Neelesh Any update on UPI AutoPay and STP features availability?

Not yet, its taking a little longer than expected due to dependability on third parties, once this is sorted, we will update here.


I have invested in a mutual fund through SIP for a period of 17 months in Coin app. I need to start SWP in the same mutual fund.
I thought of creating SWP for a period of 13 months so that tax is levied only on LTCG.

  1. To avoid STCG tax should I create SWP for a period of 13 months , reckoned from last SIP date?
  2. Is one year considered from last SIP date?
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It follows FIFO (whichever unit comes in first, is taken out first) principle. You can withdraw the number of units you bought in first 5 months of your SIP now since they are past the 1 year window.

The units you bought in the last SIP will become LTCG after 1 year.

The units you bought more than 12 months ago are already under LTCG.

@Neelesh Any update on UPI AutoPay and STP features availability yet?

Not yet, will keep you posted.

Anything wrong with Coin. Unable to modify SIP settings, the page just accepts the change (for eg: changing sip amount) but does NOT do a thing. No errors whatsoever!


I wanted to sell some MFs on Coin to buy back later in order to get 1L LTCG concession for this FY.
Funny thing is, there is no option on Zerodha which shows this breakup. Kuvera would show me LTCG harvesting opportunity.

It shows on console under tax loss harvesting. But yeah it should show in the app itself, we should not be searching for such stuff on some website.

@Neelesh , it’s been a long time since STP is promised . “A few days , it should be up” is translated to few months . Please can you let us know the approximate time by which this can be launched?

We regret the delay here, but we have been working on a few major backend tech stack upgrades. These changes are significant, which is why it’s taking longer than expected. Rest assured, this will be live in a few days


It’s already been 6 days. How much longer for the STP feature to be live. It’s been almost 7 years since you first said that we will be getting the feature.

What is the process of transferring our mutual funds out of coin to some other platform?


Charges are atrocious, especially for ELSS funds (₹150 per transaction :smiley: )

Please update on STP feature availability. This is extremely helpful feature for retail investors

We will be rolling it out shortly, a few third party dependability are pending on the upi autopay front once that is done we will be rolling it out.