SWP / STP in Zerodha

@Neelesh If it takes 1 Year , straight away please inform us that it will take 1 year or 2 yrs or 5 yrs . Why every time that it will be rolled out shortly, and then not standing on your words? How come you able to simply say that " in a week, it will be rolled" and then simply it takes months and months.

Please inform us the reality, so that we can keep our expectations set accordingly.

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@AbhishekAnand for your own peace of mind,
please do NOT rely on any proposed timeline.
Every proposed feature / timeline is subject to change.

Unfortunately, the folks who share upcoming features / proposed timelines on this forum
seem to not emphasize this “currently proposed, subject to change” aspect strongly enough.

Here’s the observation from a previous discussion on a roadmap to showcase the backlog with timelines and confirmation of it from the ultimate source :wink: .

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It’s been 7 years.

Hi @Neelesh , Could you update on roll out estimated date?

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@Neelesh We’re all keenly waiting for STP. Please provide an accurate timeline. We investors also need to make plans. We can’t keep postponing like you do.

@nithin We’ve trusted the platform for so many years. It’s so disappointing to see that despite doing well as a company, you clearly under invest in your front-end Tech and breath of features. You still don’t even offer basic features like STP. Additionally, you’ve created a high cost barrier for switching out of Coin and that’s straight cruel. The faith in Zerodha has slowly eroded. I’ve many friends who have been contemplating moving out of Zerodha recently.

We regret the delay here, since these are in-house STPs, to make the process smooth we decided to first migrate from manual file uploads to API integration for order status updates. We decided not to have a separate STP creation page but rather have the option to power SIP by the SWP; any SIP powered by an SWP will have the STP tag. This STP will be powered by UPI autopay. Currently, we are rolling out the app beta version with, in-app UPI payment facility, which will allow you to pay on the UPI screen within the app. Post this, we will be launching UPI Autopay, which will support your STP and will be a one click process.


@Neelesh Does it mean stp will be limited to 1 lakh per day as it uses upi?