SWP / STP in Zerodha

@ShubhS9 through rupay UPI credit card we can buy mutual fund


Sorry to hear this. Can you please create a ticket here and DM me the ticket number? Will check this.

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any update on STP??

@ShubhS9 @Neelesh i received a mail from your support department - they explain - 12th july 2024 after no issue like that they confirmed -
If zerodha is revamping COIN platform on 12th july its true

@Neelesh what happen for your words in coin new web page


@VenuMadhav @Neelesh You told before there is no member limit in Mutual fund - it is only in ETF when I found your colleterial list one fund is marked in RED - its flashing member limit reached

totally confused

@Neelesh @Bhuvan How is the STP feature release coming along? Any closer than earlier?

Just for context - when the STP request came in for the first time in this thread, one of my clients in my day job started researching on cell and gene therapy. Developed the molecule, got US FDA approval for multiple indications, released the drug, marketed and treated thousands of patients…

Yet we don’t have the STP feature rolled out here.

The biggest excuse is that the regulator is bringing in changes/very stringent. That’s why I gave the example from US pharma. Someone was able to research a new medication, get it approved, brand it and treat so many people under a even stringent regulator, but here a STP logic is not figured out.

I can simply move out of zerodha, but am cursing myself for the love-hate relationship I have with your products.


2024* @nithin


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@nithin @Neelesh @Bhuvan

Please Coin is showing wrong portfolio value - yesterday one value today one value - some of the units are disappearing ,
please remove the bugs in Coin Platform - are please you promise revamp of coin platform still nothing happened

otherwise please show the real value of portfolio

The values of the portfolio shows up as per the units in your demat account on Coin, the latest delivered units can sometimes show up after a days time. If you see any inconsistency next time, please dm your id will check.

If you are referring to the values on console dashboard the same will be updated shortly.

@Neelesh please flash total portfolio chart with compare with multiple index , main in nifty 50 in coin platform

We will look into the possibilities.

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Hi, @Neelesh , You had promised STP by end of Aug 2023, and it’s 1 year past, do you have any probable date for this? Many folks moved to Groww to avail this, so it’s a high time.