SWP / STP in Zerodha

Where did you import it from? Did someone gift it to you or you imported from another broker?


No I didn’t import from anyone . These all are brought from Zerodha’s coin itself . The units I bought previously from coin itself is showing discrepancy. Every MF Scheme that I have invested is showing discrepancy. I don’t know why it’s showing like that.


Also ,The mutual fund NAV displayed on the Console reflects the T-2 day value . Can you do something such that it reflects whatever the NAV shown in the coin app?

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Yep we are working on it.

I have MF units 7802.071. From CDSL I am getting the Authorization to redeem only 7802 units.
Does this mean I will never be able to exit any MF fully in coin?

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You can. Authorize that much and you can sell fully, even if it is showing without decimals.

I have exited multiple schemes fully

thanks for reply @tallerballer .
I actually tried this multiple times in last 4 days. Did CDSL authentication for same securities for 10…15 times. However, every time I click on redeem, it will popup authentication process once again.
Some issue I believe.

Is it showing success after authentication?

yes it does

OMG !! Working on Auto-pay for the last two years.

There was an issue with fractional quantity authorization which is fixed. Request you to please check now and place the redemption order for all the units.