Tagging on Console: Trading journal & tracking goals

We are excited to announce a new Nudge on Console — portfolio and trade tagging, which can be used as a trading journal and track your investing goals.

Read about the feature here:


Thanks for the feature :slight_smile:

Is there a way to tag only one leg of the trade (either buy or sell) and see how it’s doing versus market price? Eg. If I’ve exited certain scripts due to ‘gut feel’, I want to track if my gut feel was right or not. If yes, that’d be great.

Also, getting ‘Something went wrong’ error on some of my tagging attempts - maybe launch jitters.

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This feature is so useful. I added around 10-15 tags. Was so looking forward for something like this. I’m excited how this will nudge me for further trades/investments.

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This is on our list of things. We’ll work on this for future updates.

This is fixed.

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The next thing in line is to provide the tagging option on the order form in Kite. You should be able to tag your trades at the time of order placement itself. Once this is done, we intend to nudge the user against doing something that has not worked for him/her based on their tags and P&L. You should be able to set your own rules for this as well.


Unable to tag F&O positions.


We’re having this checked. Is it happening to all the positions?

It would be great if we could filter holdings in kite with tags.
I have long-term investments and short-term holding, it’s quite difficult to differentiate between them.


How can we filter P&L in Console to show only losses for a specific period?

This is on our list of things to do.


We can’t tag FnO positions. Is this going to be made available later?
Like if we take a multi-leg strategy like Iron Condor for example, I would like to tag it with details.

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Getting this error-
Error updating tags: Invalid instrument_id

Is this a bug?

I also agree; should be able to group shares into short/medium/long term investments within Kite platform

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You can sort based on the P&L numbers.

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Now getting this error-

Error fetching breakdown: Internal server error

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Loved this feature!! Will it be possible add a few points for the trades such as Target and Stop Loss of the trade so that analysis regarding RR, drawdowns can also be made. Thanks

You should be able to tag your F&O positions as well from the positions page and the P&L. If you are facing an issue while opening the breakdown, it’ll be fixed in sometime.

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Can you DM me the details of what instrument you are trying to tag and the client id where you are experiencing this?

The idea is to integrate tagging on Kite as well. You should ideally be placing a GTT order with the target and stop loss with the same tag you’ve added to your holdings. This will be an easier way to track.