Tagging on Console: Trading journal & tracking goals

This is happening only for positions and not for holdings.

Alright, our team is checking this. I’ll update here once there’s a fix.

Great feature, was looking for it from a long time, thanks.

Is it possible to download the tags? I tagged few holdings, I can see the tags on screen, but when I download tags are not downloaded. Is this feature available? If not, please add to your backlog, it will be great to download tags and then all portfolio management apps will become irrelevant !

This is exactly I requested and look they have done it… awesome… This is a true sign of a growing company and its shows how much they really care for customers need… I think GTT and this Trading Journal feature will take zerodah far far ahead of others… Thank you zerodah and thank you Nitinji…

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When you grow and take market leadership, it brings along more responsibility and expectations…it’s good to see zerodha fulfilling the role. One feature which can help immensely will be a built in trading journal in Kite to trade smartly.

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Good Job Zerodha team.

Can we use this feature in kite connect order APIs ?

Very much needed feature.

I would be able to use it much better, if I can create and tag from the kite window as well for todays trade.

Do consider.

Thank you!

This is on our list of things to do.

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All delivery trades:
When I tag a certain trade inside breakdown on Console P&L page,

  1. Why does the tag start appearing at the top-level box which is designated for tags which apply to ALL trades in the breakdown, when this is only meant for the trade I tagged ? This also starts appearing on the P&L page.
  2. Why does the tag get applied to other random trades in the breakdown (but not all), when I only applied to one specific trade ?

First of all, this looks like a great feature! I am sure with this platform, you will come up with more data analytic reports.

I would like to see following reports as an investor.

  1. The results of ‘Most Profitable’ & ‘Least Profitable’ in terms of % and not absolute value. I may have invested with different theme( Say:-Growth,Value,Dividend Play, Bargain Buy). So, this will help me in figuring out how each of my themes themes are performing holistically.
  2. Filter to consolidate data analytics to filtered tags.
  3. Reports for CAGR returns for each theme.
  4. Report with dividend Received across tags.

I can think of a lot many featured that would greatly benefit Long-term investors.
So, Looking forward!

Thanks once again for this wonderful feature!

I have been asking this feature of separating portfolios/holdings into ST/LT, since a long time. Hope it sees the light of the day soon.

I maintain my trading journal by entering the details by 4:30 P.M or by 10 P.M latest on same day to have precise understanding of my trades.

however the Tagging on console this in not possible, Is there way to tag on same day?

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This is an awesome feature to start with, so yeah a shout out to you all guys, the Zerodha team.
I tried tagging some trades randomly in my P&L report. It applied them fine. However filtering my tags did not work, it said no report for the requested tag. I had of course selected the time period correctly for the respective tag.

Since I did not any report for the tag, what I tried to do was going to the specific scrip, and removing tags for individual trades manually. However something happened at this point, and I saw some error message/alert at the top right corner. After this I am not able to access my P&L report even without any tags. It says there is an error, “Error fetching pnl: Internal server error”. I as an end user am confused now, as I lost my access even to the normal P&L report now.

Please help fix this problem as soon as possible. Appreciate your efforts in making this platform ever better.
I had the issue with a specific time period 21-May-2021 to 27-May-2021. P&L Report outside of this date range comes out OK.


I kind of face the same issue. I posted it in detail in a different comment.

Hi Team-
Would it possible to provide simple link on your app - for trade plan
if i want to take trade on next day. where i can add my scrip , entry , exit and strategy and scrip linked to P&L . so that i can track my trade. which strategy working for me. based on current tag we can see only P&L , not strategy.

We’re showing the breakdown tags on top for visibility purpose. Also, the breakdown will show tags only for specifically tagged trades. The tag manager will capture specific breakdown tags, and show the PnL accordingly, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

This shouldn’t happen. Could you please DM scrip and tag details so we can check this?

Could you please DM details of the scrip and tag so we can check this?

The plan is to let the clients tag quickly while placing the order itself on Kite & Coin. This is on our list of things to do.


I noticed a minor thing. When adding the same tag to multiple securities one by one, the tag added to the previous security disappears. But this is temporary in nature as refreshing the page fixes this -

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Brilliant initiative, just when we were thinking to open a Google sheet to track shares seperately, this is brought in as a boon by you guys.

Just a feedback, is it possible to add “date” and “price” columns in tag window so that I track it accordingly.

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