Tags on Kite web (beta): Trading journal & tracking goals

We launched tags on Console last year. Using tags on Console you can tag holdings to a goal like retirement, child’s education, etc. You can then view the portfolio by tags or goals. You can also tag trades to create custom P&Ls based on all trades tagged. Such custom P&L can then act as a trading journal. So, for example, if you tag all trades taken based on a certain technical analysis strategy (say RSI), you can filter the P&L by that tag to see the net P&L.

This post which we shared last year talks about tags on Console.

One issue with Console tags is that you can tag holdings or trades only at the end of the day, that is, after taking a trade, which is easy to miss. We now have tags on Kite web, so you can tag a trade to a goal or reason for taking a trade (trading journal) while placing the order itself. At the end of the trading day, all tags get automatically imported to Console holdings and P&L. You can then use the tag filter to track your goals, what strategies or reasons for taking a trade are working, and what are not. Knowing what works and what doesn’t and doing more of what works is probably the best way to improve as a trader.

Kite tags are available on the Web and will soon be on Mobile. We will introduce tags on Coin for mutual funds as well.

This is how you can create new tags on Kite web.


This is how you can tag orders while placing them on Kite web.


Hoping that Kite tags help you better track goals and get better as a trader. We will make an official announcement on our blog Zconnect in a few days.

This is currently in beta, and if you spot any issues, do let us know below.


By the way, the next step with Kite tags is to show the historical P&L of a particular tag while an order is being tagged. The idea is to nudge users even before an order is placed if the reason for placing an order has historically worked or not.

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Thanks for the continuous improvement of Kite.
I currently monitor the XIRR at an account level manually. A simple bird’s eye view - Money in, Money Out, Portfolio Value. Any chance something like be considered at a portfolio level ?

We are working on the equity curve for the account and a plot of the daily NAV for the account. Similar to how MFs do it. Quite a complex project given the size of data and all the crunching that needs to be done to be able to do this across millions of customers.

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API had them since years and finally will we be able to tag them via APIs and reflect on console too ?

I tried that if we set tag in t:<tagName>:<tagID> form via APIs, it reflects on console. Hopefully it can be made bit more simpler…


Yeah, we will document this in the API docs soon.

@Prayag @Arockiya_Raja can you update here once it is done.

Sir, Do Zerodha have any plan to provide trading journal to users?