Taking opposite trade facility in zerodha

Hi @nithin/@siva,

Can you please introduce opposite trade facility in Zerodha? Let me explain you below:

90% of my trade decisions are wrong, so next time when I try to place fresh buy order, it place an opposite sell order rather than placing a buy order… This is how 90% of my failed trade decisions will actually become successful!!!

Can you introduce this facility in kite settings?


If your decisions are going wrong most of the time, it’s possible that you are not reevaluating your strategy using a higher time frame, for validation.

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You yourself can do it. Place Sell order when your system gives Buy signal and vise-versa.

I don’t think it is the actual trading decision that is right or wrong. Even if you bought or sold tossing a coin, you will be right 50% of the times. What you’d probably be doing wrong is, what you do after the trade. Suggest you to read this


Me too facing the same issues. 95% of my trades are wrong and the 5% of correct trades, my (GTT) target hitting easily with very less profit and after my exit, it used to go to very higher levels. And most of the times, I am losing money because of Gap up/down against my trade at the 9.15am. After 3 months break, end of May-2020 started again and the same thing happening again & again. @Gurly7 @rahulkhanna @trader_dude @saurav106 @rachuri1976 @ShubhS9 @leodecaps @vikram_rao @vishnux @rajgupta9011

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Try with 1:1 fixed target and stoploss…

Trading is like surviving in an ocean. Everyone . . sharks, fishes, crabs have their own strategies to survive. You need to be a good strategist in market. In ocean Sharks dominate fishes but this doesn’t mean all the fishes in the ocean got killed.


Really enjoyed your comment. Reading again and again but not satisfied yet. @vicky_kothari

I love this facility ,:slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes: Till Zerodha introduces this facility , i will have another trading account to take reverse trade. :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:

how u r gonna manage/do ?

Buddy you have a perfect trading system which gives 90% accuracy. Even Nithin cannot achieve that.

Hi everyone,

Please tell me, is it possible to make 5k daily using 7L capital? If it is possible then how can I do so?

I have lost much in blind and revenge trading and From now I don’t want to be greedy and want to make 5k per day with high probability trades…
@samsingh/@Gautam/@velu/@vishnux please tell me



interesting question… I too wait for answers

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Brother , if you are not a pro then stop intraday and go for positional/Swing Trades. Intraday sucks money in this fearful market where no body knows what may happen next.You have good capital save it and earn slowly.


Bro …
If you want to make 5k per day , you should be ready to lose 10k per day as well …


Bro : ) , even if you carfully manage to scalp crude oil 5 pips, 10 times in a day , u can make atleast 4000 around after taxes…so learn trading crude with some news and other price action things…

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See its all about leverage, and the leverage offered with cover orders is insane. With one lot Nifty at around 7.5k, you could start with trading 25 lots intraday with that capital with risk of ruin of 150 points. Even if you manage 30 points per day, you would make 10% a day and if you keep compounding, the returns would be astonishing at the end of first month. Your 5L would be 1cr in 30 trading days. Will start a thread sometime later this month to publish my actual journey and exactly show this. Now would I suggest you to try this ? No! Is it wise to do it at this stage ? Not at all.

As a newbie, your goal shouldn’t be to make money initially. It should only be to exploit probability with the help of position sizing, risk management, discipline and a little bit knowledge of technical analysis. Money should ideally be a by-product.

Now along the journey of exploring technical analysis, you would be able to figure out which strategy looks great, which timeframe is more suitable for your personality, whether you want to trade futures or options or only equity. You would get all these answers once you start learning and exploring. Post that, you should try to learn more about risk management, risk of ruin, position sizing, trade management etc. and you are all set post some solid backtesting on years of data. The hurdles don’t end here too, in backtesting, you don’t calculate slippage and cost to trade. So this would add on to the costs. Now even after reaching this stage, you should be able to plan your trade and then trade your plan which requires utmost discipline and emotional management.

It took 3 loss making years for me to turn profitable last year. Now, I trade a strategy which has a very high probability of being in profit, but then it is a combination of two strategies (one for trending markets and one for choppy markets which I use simultaneously in intraday on the same chart) and let me tell you even after being net profitable, I still make mistakes from time to time. So remember strategy is just one part, executing it in market conditions without error or with few errors is the real deal.

One last word that there is no holy grail, there are just better systems, but like I said execution is everything. So remember that emotional discipline is the key to success in trading; if intelligence were the key, a lot more people would have made money.


So it is just an hypothetical example or your actual journey too would be getting to 1cr from 7L in the mentioned time?

Which timeframe you trade ? Are you suggesting risk to reward can be 2:1 ?

Try trading virtually and ask someone else to do opposite of what you are doing.

Those 3 years was losses even after hard work or actual hard work strated after those 3 loss making years,??

I read somewhere from your post, your hardwork includes those sleepless nights… Those sleepless night belongs to those 3 loss making years or it started after that?