That's how I deal with the SPAM calls. And you?


After receiving numerous spam calls, getting frustrated and angry each time, I finally found a way to deal with these uninvited idiotic cold calls.

The moment you realize it is some stock advisory company trying to sell you something, just go berserk with random chatter or blabber.

Just a few moments back, I got a call and I started - “ya ya, it is raining in mumbai… right now the weather looks clear but you never know so better take an umbrella before going out… Have some chai-pakora when it rains na…”
the caller gets frustrated this time and kept it.

A few days back, it was a girl from Udaipur called up to sell me trading calls and tips. I cut her midway and instead started asking her random questions - “Oh! you form Udaipur… What a beautiful place… Tell me when is a good time to visit the place… I have heard that Udaipur palaces are quite a spectacle… And the Pyaz Kachoris are so yummy…”
and she yells and cuts the call…

Another person calls with stocks tips and Me - “haan bhaiya, order likho… ek dal tadka, 4 roti, ek kaam karo 4 butter roti… nahi 2 plain roti. 2 butter roti… kitna time lagega…”

So you got the point!
Just remember to have fun with such calls.
Be respectful because it’s their job, and add humour to give them a break too.

I have been recording such conversations. I think it will make for a good audio podcast some day. :wink:

Share your story below.


mai to cut karke truecaller me report karta hu. will implement your idea of responding such calls😜


Of course you identify such calls with Truecaller only which helps you get ready for your next act. :wink:


As I shared eariler on a different thread, as soon as i know that call is from a spammer,if possible i keep the phone near by a loud speaker loud enough to break their ears.I know this is little saddistic but it seems working for me .I didnt recieve much calls thereafter from the stock operators


This one was epic


Lol… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Home delivery services :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Tadka, Onion kachoris, chai pakora :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::joy::joy::joy:


That podcast is hilarious. Laughing my guts out. Damn funny. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

“…are trading bedding chorie , bolo, ke khana khayie ap…”

thats the funniest respond to advisory spams i’ve ever heard…



I report them here



I tell them I am busy now and I cant talk…and it stops there.


I bought a cheap lifetime free SIM and changed my number from all my broker accounts. I don’t use that SIM and keep it handy in my wallet…just incase you want to receive any SMS communication from ur broker.


Good idea. Which SIM is it that comes with a lifetime free validity?


I usually stop responding without uttering a single word and carry on with my work and the caller gets freaked out by the silence from my side, he says hello hello for the next 20 seconds thinking it might be an error in connection and he finally disconnects. Then later I block their number. Over time I have successfully brought down the spam call list by 90%.


I do the same but in a different way. When the caller asked how was your investment in stock market going? I simply ask “what is stock market?” Is it a name of grocery market or something else and he/she hang up the phone without saying a word.


I use DND app to report the number.

Successfully reduced the frequency of the calls by more than 90%. These days I get 1 or 2 SPAM calls in a week. You should try it.

And yes, it would be hilarious if you can make a podcast of your recordings. LOL


Upon knowing that it is a spam call, I just say,“wrong number” & cut the phone


This is hilarious :joy:


I usually get theses calls from Indore
And I ask them if they know Harsad Metha
If they say “no”, then I tell them what advice they can give me if they don’t know the big bull
In case they reply “yes” then I tell them that I taught him trading
And either way they hung up but off late I haven’t much calls


I ask them to speak in Marathi, which they cannot and therefore they disconnect themselves! :smiley:


I am surprised SEBI or NSE don;t advertise these numbers.


It’s on their website.