The New Circular from SEBI on F&O trades. What's the implication on retail traders?

we are hindi medium bro,please make a small video of this ,it will help to begineers and newbie

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This circular makes no difference wrt Zerodha. As zerodha already collects span as well as exposure margin.
Earlier it was compulsory for brokers to only collect Span margin. So many brokers used to collect only that and exposure margin was let go off. The risk was managed using MTM margins.
This was esp. beneficial to Options writers. But now SEBI has made it compulsory for all brokers to compulsorily block all types of margins required.

P.S. this will only affect the swing traders who take CF positions. Intraday rules/margins remains the same.

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Check this

`I am new trader, I can’t Under stand above circular, could you explain in video Telugu version or English Version with examples ?

How it works on 1 st June 2018 Onwards…

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