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I am getting lot of calls , almost 5-10 calls /day from the region Bhopal / Indore MP + SMS about JTAPARIYA.
I tried to block these people by registering DND/TRAI / NSE market surveillance , but all are waste of time nothing will stop these fraudsters . i really annoyed by these people I suspect market calls are handiwork of "some of "Zerodha channel partners


We cannot really figure out where the leak happens, the only option available to us traders, is to take some preventive measures which is available to use.

A year ago, I used to receive these kind of sms every day," buy this , buy that, sell this, get rich, etc" what i did is, I kept reporting them to 1909 in the correct format as instructed by TRAi.

After 1-2 months of continuous reporting it completely stopped. For me it worked,

This is the only thing practically you can do about these messages.


I tried this option , but of “no use” at one point of time i spoke to one of the caller , pretending to be a novice about stock market , he told me that he collect data from stock brokers channel partners. Even i called up my mobile service providers customer care and they refused to block the callers , saying that , they are not the Tele marketers , here too i suspect mobile service providers colluding with Tele callers . and TRAI is one of the most "useless " regulator


Ok. So I like the idea behind this chain and am kind of in a weekend mood. Hence, will share an experience we had few years ago. I am sure, once the initial anger subsides you will appreciate their methodology.

In those days, we used to receive blackberrys from office. And the tips caller problem was always there … I would usually cut the call but starkly remember this one guy who said - “Sir, ek tip dunga - aap zindagi bhar yaad rakhoge. Infosys 10% chadne vaala hai.” And as usual I hung up. Next, was a long technical meeting of 20 ppl and during a break I happen to mention this guy. To our surprise everyone of us had got the same call. But different view. We jotted it down and realised - 9 of us were told - “10% uper jagega” and 11 of us “10% neeche jayega.” The next day was actually INFOSYS result and the premiums matched around ATM. And it did move 12% which was kind of guaranteed in those days but direction unknown.

So they had probably this huge list of leaked number and they would say to half of them that it will go up and to half of them it will go down. Next day, they will forget those where there call was wrong and where they were right the call comes as - “sir, kya bola tha na … take our service 3999 per month.” And I am sure 1000s will fall prey to it.

Now you know … :wink:


Yes true , one interesting thing i found was that , tips callers are most active, during market uptrend / at high level , last month when market was going down absolutely .there was no call’s from tipsters


Yup … most people who join stock market, do it in FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out the upward rally … So it does makes sense … they will have the best conversion rate in a rising market …


Tipster are kind of market direction indicators!!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Haha. Actually, one can build a system around it … For example check google trends for both the stocks mentioned herein … how the interest in them have overall peaked due to SMS.

Worth looking into … Though the guys behind VB Industries seems to be a repeat offenders.


Good effort mate. Some will save their hard earned
money. Keep going. Cheers :slight_smile:


Please note JTAPARIYA we have been getting SMS.

But VB Industries, no SMS have come yet. But on moneycontrol, lot of operators are praising it like next MRF. Also if you post there against the stock, your comment gets deleted.

So I would suggest if anyone has this stock better get rid of it.

The promoter holding and overall price chart easily suggests what kind of stock it is.


The stock i mentioned - VB INDUSTRIES - went into Lower Circuit today.

2.5 L sellers now, will only increase


New SMS bombing … Beware … Don’t fall for the trap …


Updated opening post

EJECTA MARKETING (APPU MARKETING) was circulated in SMS in December also I believe


Good finding. This precisely explains what they do and why they do it -

3999*1000 = 39,99,000 ~ 40L profit in one day. And cost incurred probably 5000 for 1million DB, 50000 SMS/Call and 10 person working for 10k per month. That’s all you need.

No complain will work … They will just get another name and registration. Until people are made aware … this will keep happening.


My friend’s dad who is a senior citizen got duped to the tune of 2 lakh Rs when they asked for OTP and instead of charging 12K charged that big an amount. They promised some kind of a pool scheme and generated invoice for multiple SMS advisory service packages.

This is their website : Monetary Solutions


And please suggest what can be done.


J Taparia also fell down to LC today at 3:26 PM … wow


can you tell about it in detail?


doesn’t it seem fishy regarding moneycontrol’s role in this?


Yesterday I got call from this no.+91 97277 29926.Name is Bhaven , Surat. I bought PNB n got in trap, made loss of 8k. I believe these people will go in hell by this way of making the money in fraudulent n cheating manner.Never ever trade on indore/bhopal/jhansi/Rajkot/Ahmedabad/Surat calls. Lost big money.but I really made a good money by following opentrade of Zerodha.
With 02 credits- I have earned more than 30 k in a day by following Star name Auriga.Zerosha should start this service.