THE SAVIORS - Protecting newbies from frauds

So lot of people lose their entire capital in stocks like Saibaba Invest, BRFL, Gayatri Sugars, Gala Global, Funny Software, Alps Motor Finance, Shree Krishna Prasadam, Birdhi Chand, Global Infotech, etc etc etc

Lets use this thread where we can save newbies from investing in fraud stocks.

Fraud stock names:

  1. VB Industries (BSE 539123)

  2. J Taparia (BSE 538539)

  3. Ejecta Marketing (BSE 538653)


Lot of other frauds can come from other avenues also like the one i mentioned in OP, so lets use this thread to pre-warn people and save them from fraud stocks. It can be SMS based ones, or online website ones or analyst suggestions

it looks same as those whom you are saying FRAUD

just similar to a typical election campaign, “vote for me he is a thief”

if you want other then get them knowledgeable to get self confidence. not showing others.

If you cant believe there will be minimum 99% accuracy in predicting frauds, then either you are new to markets or you yourself are trapped in SMS tip stocks

that’s not my point, don’t know why some some people be so eager to answer without reading

that can be 100% in finding fraud, depending on a group or single entity to know that’s a fraud is itself a fraud by making someone dependent like politics no dirty politics.

You think it is wrong to prevent people from frauds, I can tell now itself there will be someone crying for help here within weeks trying to sell the stock I have mentioned in my opening post

if you want others to be dependent on you go ahead, best of luck
if you want other not to be victim of such scams, spreading knowledge is the only way.

I am asking everyone to share fraud companies here, not only me

grt initiative kip up…

Reaping profits from a multibagger stock cannot come by choice. It sometimes works for a casual investor who does not closely follow his investments or forgets about them, but not with majority of people.
Let’s say someone advised me of a good stock and I bought it. The stock might go up a bit (let’s say the price doubled) and then there is this long period where the stock price stays stable or start a bit of downward movement. This phase is where the weakhands sell their holdings and the smart money accumulates (if it is indeed a good stock). So majority retail investors sell such stocks before they become multibaggers

So first fraud stock I want to share is - VB Industries (BSE: 539123)

Any one holding this? Any comments?

Lot of operators trying to give very rosy targets for this on moneycontrol forum combined with its funny promoter holding makes it a sureshot trap.

You are getting @Newbie420 completely wrong.
Lemme guess what you thought after reading his opening post - You saw that link, that he shared at the end of the post. And you thought that he is yet another tip providing fraudster who is trying to sell his own website in guise of warning other tipsters (i.e. his competitors ) as frauds.

Lol even I didnt get what he found offensive in this thread

Btw I can bet there will be people coming here within weeks asking “How to sell this stock” for the stock going to be announced as multibagger on 9th May LOL

yes friend, you are wright somewhat, because all the website and some called tutor (those without knowledge) market same way , you can check past post or videos of frauds.
i sa if you want not letting others in traps, spread knowledge, saying others fraud doesn’t do anything

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You just missed his point . chill.
Post here any other fraud website that you come along here.

better to study yourself.


SMS have started coming today for JTAPARIYA (BSE 538539)

It is FRAUD stock. DO NOT BUY.


I am receiving these kind of messages daily. I wonder how they got my number

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