THE SAVIORS - Protecting newbies from frauds


Nothing fishy, its obvious, Moneycontrol is involved and gets commission


So here is the gist -

You will get a call from Indore. And they show some kind of urgency to buy their package for advisory services. The package will be charged really cheap like 1000 Rs. per month. And they will say that they can do online transactions to start the service immediately. With a lot of coercing vulnerable ppl will end up giving credit card details. The last savior was the OTP where ICICI bank system will detect suspicious transaction but they will do a lot of bogus transactions to make you feel OTP is not working. And you keep giving OTPs and they will say it isn’t working. And they are actually after one big 2L OTP. Once they get that right, they generate invoices matching that amount and all the free trial period/1 month service is nowhere mentioned.