Thinking to quit zerodha

Yupe Without zerodha we would all have been screwed and not much market participation and liquidity will be there.


If all of your brokerage would have been weaved still you are incurring 48k loss. which is significantly higher than your brokerage. That means your trading style is faulty. Don’t blame brokerage for your losses. This is trader mentality. You won’t mind if you have to pay lakhs and crores of rupees in losses. But if you are charged even few hundred rupees as brokerage it will be not tolerable by you.


Does anyone know whether other low-cost brokerages also regularly have the same “technical difficulties” which Zerodha suffers from during high volatility days? Like when there’s a login problem or no trades are possible even if you are able to login?
Because that and the fact that we can’t trade OTM Bank Nifty options here are the two reasons why I mighy want to quit some day, not the brokerage.
The former is inexcusable, especially since it keeps happening repeatedly. The latter isn’t in Zerodha’s control (apparently).

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using wisdom for the last 2 months … faced some technical issues twice
tried astha as well for a month … never faced any tech issue

but these glitches are normal esp on volatile days with many brokers

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Absolutely correct decision though lately taken. These are the following reasons enough to incur losses if you are using Zerodha platform.

  1. Incorrect chart patterns for same scrip in market watch lists (1,2,3…etc) and net position area.
  2. There are some serious allegations are floating against Zerodha such as counter trade to client position directly by algo or indirectly ( by selling your trade details to Indore based firms).
    Hope this helps.

Explained here: Why is OHLC data different on live charts and marketwatch?

Well. do you have any specifics? People always have 100s of conspiracy theories to justify their own mistakes and losses. So yeah, better not to spread hogwash without understanding specifics. FYI:

the broker you would be moving to, does it have a forum like this to voice your opinion like you are doing here. Would you be able to communicate with people who are in control like Nithin and Siva, even if you did would they answer ? I’m guessing even the customer support would be no way near to what Zerodha has. I do not have any loyalties to Zerodha, but I can appreciate when someone takes the time to build and pioneer an industry like this and the has the decency to reply to all the queries asked by people like us.

The decision is yours and only yours to make.


I am not Zerodha client or associated with it in any financial way but even than it is advisable ,Before you switch please consult some reliable friends/persons who are already with that broker.

I Love Zerodha,
reason… affordable , flexible, easy to understand , auto SIP mutual fund And for lot other reason, i am more than 1.5 years i never think to move out from zerodha, But i really don’t know Why?

Good April fool… :metal:@Rajendra_Narayan_Das

is it good idea to pay rs999 for whole year for the free intraday plan (in kotak sec.)… r thr any hidden charges
have you traded with them

yes there is some hidden charges 0.01 % or something

one drawback is you cant carry your positions… the plan is meant for intraday squareoff… if u take delivery then normal rates would be applicable which is percentage brokerage… also i think its 1X margin… so basically u need to trade with lot of cash… u can check it once in their t&c


I am trading with zerodha and quite satisfied with it brokerage definaately doesnt matter when you earn a lot like a macho

bhai…pls don’t quit zerodha though at times system goes down. even i had tried other discount brokers but none of these systems match zerodha. you rather pay & have a sound system. note that other brokers systems have discrepancies in their accounting system as well & deduct charges which are unknown to many. i saw this with kotak securities…cannot trust them.

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I am eagerly waiting for it

I am too facing the same issue with Zerodha, last 3 queries were not even acknowledged leave aside answered. No one bothers to respond.

Which three?

Hi @siva/@nithin ,
Why this topic unlisted : NEED REST API Integration With TradingView/ Browser Extension

Why is this thread even here at all and not delisted?
We all :heart: zerodha
Don’t we?