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I just started the intraday.I started with single quantity.When I have to increase my quantity of trade?
Can we revise stoploss in cover order above our buy price to get maximum advantage??

Don’t do intraday with your mobile, that app is a gimmick and can cause serious injuries to your mental health.

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Yes can modify your stoploss upwards as long as it is below the LTP. If you modify the CO stoploss above the LTP, it will get executed immediately at the best available price.

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Pls elaborate

If you want to master intraday trading you need to have a trading terminal with large screens. I do it with four monitors, a tiny mistake would make me lose thousands of rupees. You need to invest in a high-speed fiber connection with lowest ping, you need to buy a computer with multi-monitor and mutli-threading support. You need to then work on a strategy that gives you a consistent income. You need a system that allows you to trade from the chart or with shortcuts, you need to be able to monitor the orderflow. If you can’t do all of this then don’t even bother with the intraday.


I think a good connection and trading terminal required but not 4 screen is necessary.I have heard the experts in intraday not me.And I am not having capital much as single monitor.How can I learn??

There are very few experts in India. I recommend that you watch this regarding your trading station.

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All this is recommended for someone who has established himself in the field, making such a big investment upfront for someone who has just started out puts nothing but extra burden on that person to crunch in returns.


You can’t establish yourself in daytrading without a proper setup…that’s why you don’t see many of them swarming around the internet. By all means continue doing what you like…I suppose everyone has to learn the hardway and experience will show you the way forward.


40 % depreciation


How much risk can we take in 5000 capital,is it 50 Rs in one trade??

Starting with paper trading is good choice, assuming he has done that starting with 5k isn’t bad at all for him. Let him go through emotions of losing/winning through that capital. If we blows it up he won’t be losing too much and if he wins well he should keep himself grounded and increase his capital gradually.

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With Zerodha providing 10x plus leverage that 5000 is equivalent of 50k, it’s upto you how much you want to bet on one trade, it can be 1% of 5k maybe 10% it’s all upto you.

If i was you i wont risk more than 1-2% of the capital on one trade and compulsory trail my SL this way i wont blow up my account quickly and will also give me opportunity to trade in more scrips.

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Any book with practical applications for intraday if you know?

I didn’t lose 0.5 or 1% as I am not experienced much.Is it fine or can I increase that?

Have you done paper trading? If no then before starting trading with real money do paper trading, test your strategy and come up with SL that suits your risk capability and most importantly your system. Check what type of reward your system gives for say risking 1% of your capital, check whether your SL isn’t close enough that you’re stoped out prematurely.

You need to design your own system, one that best fits for risk capability. If you have strategy first take it through paper trading and then use it with real money.

Rs. 50 brokerage on Zerodha or any other discount broker? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And i agree about leverage, but i was assuming the trader has done paper trading and has developed proper system that won’t blow-up his/her account in just few trades.

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Actually track market and learn by charts but I have not done paper trading yet just started trading from 2 weeks with only single quantity.I am confused sometimes in indicators.I am using more indicator so the system becomes more complex

You have just started so you will learn as time goes by, Read Dr. Van K. Tharp’s Trade your Way to Financial Freedom, he stresses on most important factor in Trading (Risk management and position seizing) so do give it a read at first priority and then start trading with real money, because more than strategies, risk management is most important part in trading.

Yesterday and today’s trade.