Trade wise breakup of trade book

I find it difficult to associate the charges to individual trades from the contract note email or from trade book etc in Q back office.
I see the contract note mentions we can get the details of breakup from zerodha support. But, that’s super inconvenience & waste of time.
Instead, zerodha should give a link in trade book line items “view breakup” & when we can click on the link it can be made to display the details with breakup.

Isn’t this very very useful, user friendly which should already have been done long back? :slight_smile:
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you mean in-built contract note in terminal??

I second that !

I have tried several times (unsuccessfully) to get Zerodha team to incorporate this feature. Part of the problem seems to be the blanket charges like stamp duty that has to be allocated proportionately on individual trades and needs some sort of calculation. But if I can do it in excel, it shouldn’t be that hard for the pros to do it.

I feel that this feature is not that high of a priority for their product management team.

As of now, I am doing all this by exporting the trades to our Analytics platform (Zoho) and doing the calculation there. Would be waaaay easier if it can be seen directly in Q back office.



I completely disagree and down vote this proposal.

Reason: its another great service from Zerodha completely free.

Logic: Traders must learn to live “in the moment”. Imagining too much about future outcomes or recollecting past trades will cause fear/regret or FOMO which are dangerous for your present trade.

(Fheewww…Now i dont need to hear standard answer from zerodha team- “it is in testing stage, will be incorporated in the next release)

May I know which terminal you use? Any prop terminal or the one provided by broker.

May be true for some but not for majority. Having this feature won’t prevent you to ignoring it & living in present. But, for those of us who are in the journey of trading, it’s important to understand, TRUST as and when they want.
Zerodha is very receptive so we are very optimistic about these requests.

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I use Zerodha Kite, Interactive Brokers (TWS) and Sharekhan (Trade Tiger) primarily for different time frames. Recently @portfolioplus911 has made a very convincing case to use NOW terminal over Kite so I am kinda thinking of switching …though inertia is hard to overcome.

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Thank you for the reply. Yes I agree inertia is hard to overcome. This is one of the reasons me backing off a lot of time when i thought of switching platforms.

Are you aware there is a facility for IB traders to chat among themselves. TWS–> Help—>Traders’ Chat

Tradewise charges are being calculated in the backend from April 1st on the new backoffice platform of ours. We will soon give you an option to see it in the front end on Q.


ohh…boy… this :point_down: is exactly what I wanted to forestall with my earlier post :rofl:. Any way ZD has gone ahead and said it… like they say… straight from the horse’s mouth… now good luck waiting for the next release.

I didn’t know that…good to know ! On the flip side, last thing you want while trading is more opinions :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nithin !

Looking forward to getting the trade-wise detailed reports from the front end.

Why we are not asking clear information on cost of trade for each transaction with break up (brokerage+dmat charges+taxes) what are applicable in case of CNC or daytrade.
Moreover we should have capital gain statement available in back office, downloadable as ready reconer.

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I thought it covers all such requirements that are implicit or explicit. The need of millions of Zerodha traders is all these good things. Please.