Trading for a living expectation


Hi All,

Is there anyone here who trades for a living, i.e. as the primary source of income.

What would you say, is a reasonable/ideal return % on our capital that we need to expect on an average for this, say month-to-month basis?

I am aware that the returns are not fixed and will be varied, i am asking just to get a better perception on what to expect if we are intending to do this full time.


It’s me

Lost 12.8 Lakhs, Still going, Still learning!.

Yes, I completely depend on this trading. I see this like business, like anyother. Some times plus & minus figures. I don’t rely on monthly or weekly basis. I Run according to my payments.

In your case, You should decide how you want, To that, Capital need to accumulated, Secondly how good are you at your work. This leads your day to day life or career.



If you are leaving a job for this, then trading should give you minimum 80% of your salary.

If you have no job opportunities, then trading should give you the minimum that is needed to cover monthly expenses.

Based on above, and then based on the capital you have, find out the % age return on capital :slight_smile:


Once started, Everything will be learned. We can’t make assumptions before we begin. It’s a question of how strong one is committed towards this process of trading. @Newbie420


Thanks guys for your feedback, @Redd and @Newbie420. Really helps.

Also, to just give a better idea, I was trading part-time on and off for the last 1.5 years. But, i currently am trading almost full time for last 3-4 months only. I am able to get a return of 10-12% on my capital on a monthly basis consistently.

But, I am not sure if i should be satisfied with this kind of a return . If yes, i want to look to build my capital so that i can get more return in amount.
If not, and if generally full time traders make a lot more in average return % , then i feel i should remain with a lesser capital, so that i can risk a bit more while trying out new ideas/strategies.
So, this is why i wanted to know what kind of return % generally traders make on an average.

Thanks again for all your feedback.

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You should be a genius if you are making 10-12% on a monthly basis. But 3-4 months is not a long enough period to conclude that you can sustain that. I think there is no reason to look back if you are making that and make it in future. I for one will quit my job that pays me about 1.25 lakhs per month plus medical coverage if I can make 5% a month. Even 4% a month will be grand! Just put in the retirement benefits and savings amounting to one crore and then get a cool four lakhs per month without the nuisance of the boss. I wish I had your skillset!


You seems unclear about your journey @prash_u. Because you are asking other members to decide your returns. Doesn’t it look like that? Question yourself one’s. Let me write it down…

About your returns of %, This looks like just beginner game! Consistency? This depends on time to time. Ex: First few months good returns, Second phase you might lose double, then again new results on new times.

You are the one should decide your destination. In other words, At what profit line you are okay.

Every trader is not limited to certain profit line. Some one are satisfied with 10% Annual Returns, Some 10% monthly, Some 10% Daily. They might have their own strategies, Capital, Goals or whatever.

If it’s about your question; I Say " You should decide by yourself"

Sending your vibes man!


Lol! I make 15 to 50% in day? What about me then? Genius word comes when one is making this continuously. ha ha Just my personal belief!


I do not think there is any trader who has ever made 10% on monthly basis for even 2-3 years consistently. If there is anyone who can show their back office account to prove that they are making 10% a month, I will gladly offer them to operate my account and I share 30% of the net profit. But as I experienced with so many tips providers, none of them will show proof of their tips. Even I can show 100% profit a day after end of the day!


Yes. I think I also said the same thing. Someone who has made that money for 3-5 years consistently is what matters. One day even I may make 20-30% but I will also lose that kind or even more.

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@anugnani I agree with you totally. 100%. But are you ready to challenge? 2-3 years long. Consistent profits everyday for a month? or Lets say 2? What would be your principle account? Exited! :smiley::heart_eyes:


I am more or less in your category in terms of gross loss (slightly more but over 6-7 years). Last year was the first time that I ended in small profit. This year the profit percentage is much high so far. I just learned one lesson - All trades don’t be in my side and I should learn to take losses when they are manageable. And forget if the positions reversed after taking the loss.


How much you lost? @anugnani


About 15 lakhs over 6-7 years. I would have got at least 20 lakhs in my account even if I have put them in a liquid fund. In addition, the charges paid to the CA for filing the returns!

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I’m sure today you are stronger than first day. What’s lost can be recovered. But what didn’t had in the mind that day? Today do we have? That’s the whole point. @anugnani

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The only silver lining in this episode apart from the experience is that I did not bet more than what I could without effecting my personal lifestyle. But I feel sad for those who enter the market with the hope of making quick and easy money and falling into debts.


Hahah that’s the whole plan @anugnani .

@Redd Yes, i understand, don’t get me wrong. I am not asking for a target for me or someone to tell me i should be achieving this much %. I have learnt better in my 1.5-2 years of trading. Maybe, my communication should have been better.
But, i don’t know anyone in my friends circle and family who trade professionally, or even trade at all. I am just starting out full time, so i just wanted to get a better picture on what to expect or rather what people expect/achieve from these markets from different people’s perspective.

The reason i asked if anyone trade professionally that is as a primary source of income, is because then they must be profitable to be able to do it on a consistent basis.

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@anugnani Huge sympathy? That kills in this market. You look cool with your maintenance. :+1:

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I know i cannot maybe make 10% monthly consistently for years to come, maybe it reduces or increases i am not sure.
But, even going by opinions here and on other sources on the internet, there is a vast difference in expectations. Like some people are happy if they are able to make 4-5% in a month. And then there are some people who maybe make much much more. I am not asking so that if one person says they make 50% in a month, then i will be tempted and start trying for it. I was just looking for a perspective to look at things.

I won’t be tempted. But, then if a lot of people say they make around 50-60% in a month, then it must mean something. Also, if a lot of people say they make 3-4% in a month, then that could mean something else. So, i was just asking to get a better perspective.

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I understood your point clearly and there is nothing wrong in your expression. I presume I am much older than you and with the experience I have I suggest that you don’t quit your current job unless and until you become perfect in your strategy. Secondly, if your income is X and rises by Y% every year, then you can be content with X+10% and Y+10% in trading.

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