Trading in Orbis financial through zerodha

Not yet, but please feel free to DM your client ID and we will put you on it.

what is the timeline for sensex options in orbis @mohitmehra @MohammedFaisal

Hi, is sensex options enabled in orbis? Pls let me know.

Hi @Vasu_n, we will be making it available in the CP Code we issue. Please feel free to DM your ID and I will get you added to the pilot list.

what is the timeline for sensex options in orbis @mohitmehra

Hi Gaurav,

We will be launching this in the direct CP code option we will make available. We are looking at an end of February timeline for it.

what is direct Cp code option ? @mohitmehra

We will be offering CP Codes to clients as a clearing member of the exchange. This will be similar to Orbis but a more integrated journey for our clients now.

u will be shifting all ur orbis clients to CP code? @mohitmehra

Once we make it available, one will have the option of moving to the direct CP Code. We are waiting for the launch and then the feedback from the first users.

Is Pledging also going to be a part of this launch or is it limited to sensex options ?

@mohitmehra Hi mohit, are sensex options available in orbis yet? I am interested in joining the pilot program.

@mohitmehra Any update on pledging via orbis as clearing?
Its been long long time brother

@VenuMadhav Still no development?

We will be shortly launching the pilot for the direct CP Code. Will update here next week.

How can I remove my secondary bank account in orbis?

Hi Abhishek,

Please raise a ticket here with your request to unmap the secondary account and DM the ticket number.

They asking to wait for few more months.

I have placed withdrawl request on saturday but still have not funds credits on wednesday (at the moment time is 9 AM on Wednesday). Please note that BOTH Monday and Tuesday were working days with trading sessions. Looks like I have to swtich back to earlier full time broker (not taking name here intentionally) as there I have option for immediate payout funds (it costs Rs.5+ GST though) .

How many more days Mohit?

Will update here as soon as we are live. Parts of our system are ready.