Trading in Orbis financial through zerodha

Do we get the margin benefit as given by zerodha even when we map our zerodha account to orbis financial and trade through orbis financial.


Yes, margin benefit will come.

And brokerage charges will also be the same? All i want to know is there any drawback,and what interface to use for putting the order,thanx

Same brokerage but equity trading is not allowed and pledging is not allowed for now. For more you can create ticket there.

One last thing sir,sorry to disturb you again and again,how to convert my account and from where to put orders.
Thank you for your help again and sorry for disturbing you

I have given link above, click on it.

@siva ,
I recently completed my migration to orbis , however the available margins showing on kite is in Excess(by a large margin) of what should actually be available as per my understanding .? In any case is orbis providing additional margin or is this a mistake ?

ID, please?

Client ID : PS1441

How much time did it take for the migration?

Within 2-3 weeks

Oh,Thats a long time,given zerodha’s usual working speed,which is very fast

Now it should take 1-2 weeks, soon this will also should reduce.

I had created a ticket where you shared the link.It has been more than a day and no reply till now,does it take this much time?or should i put another ticket

Can give me ticket number.


@siva any updates?

Should not happen this way, let me check it.

Yes please