Trading Journal

Heard from many that you should always keep a trading journal. what is the method to do so? is there any online trading journal available? should it be online or offline? should it be in the way of excel sheet or anything else? what kind of data it should contain? do anyone have sample of such trading journal?


Hello Trader,


It automatically calculates the NET Profit for each trade after deducting all charges.

You are free to use it and can download it from:

On the opened tab USE >> File >> Download as >> Microsoft Excel 


A trading journal is helpful to provide a quick snapshot of trades over a period of time. If you want to access it thru many a device , better to have online, otherwise an excel spreadsheet on your laptop should suffice.And  if you use google drive, u have the ability to have a two way sync. As for data, the sky is the limit and you may put in whatever suits you.
Here is one that I use , slightly modified with an input tab, so u can punch in some customised  data ...

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If you are using windows 8 or 10. Try QuantSense in windows store. I am using it. I am satisfied. It is not a promotion. Just a suggestion. Its your choice

as a novice, i am curious to know it.

This excell sheet is for Equity intraday only. You can easily edit the values to fit your requirement for FnO

It may help you if you are using windows 10